Goods news of the day

For last one month I have started a new practice for feeling amazingly positive to start a day because when start of the day is with good feelings, rest of the day goes fantastic.

Before starting my work at office or home (on week offs or holidays) , in the morning I first go on web to check for good news headlines accross the world and then for news from our regular channels.

Earlier, my practice was reading news papers and watching news on tv or web but since I have started looking for good news before regular news which are most of the time negative, I really feel good starting my day and it makes my day amazing. If I get a chance to suggest news channels or news publishers, I would like to suggest them to publish good news on cover page and other news from next pages. It will positively impact world and at the same time would serve the purpose of news, ie. Updating people on regular news as well.


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