He attracted theft of his brand new smart phone

Last month one of my friends bought a new smart phone after around 3-4 years.  He was having simple phone and wanted to buy a new smart phone.  He did extensive research for selecting the best smart phone with all the required features.  For 6 months, he would everyday search on web for reviews on new phones.  At that time one of our common friends and I were also looking for a new smart phone.  In 3 of us, our common friend who was not having any previous experience of using a smart phone bought one first.  So, the guy I am talking about helped our common friend with all excitement to know the newly bought phone.  He explained about the applications in the phone and the various features to our common friend.  While exploring the applications in the phone, he told our common friend about an application that can trace lost phone.  He was so much excited in telling about this application and he even helped our friend to download one on his new phone.   He told our common friend that when he will buy his new phone, he will also get the same application installed so that if the phone is lost, it can be traced easily.

He was so much focusing on theft of smart phone while showing the application and explaining how it works.  I was just listening to him.  For around 3-4 days continuously he discussed this application.  I was everyday just listening to what he was saying.  At one point, a thought came to my mind to stop him discussing about theft of phone but I resisted because not everyone would believe in the law of attraction or the law of universe, that thought become things.  So I kept quite and ignored.

After some 10 days, that friend also bought a new smart phone and was very much happy getting the new phone.  There were really good apps and features in the phone and the price for which he bought the phone online was around INR 9000.00.   It was all going good until two days back I got a news.

Two days back, he informed me that his INR 9000 worth brand new smart phone was stolen in the market.  That time I had already forgotten about his statements and discussions about stealing of phone and the applications tracing them.  When he told me that some one pick pocketed his front pocket and stolen his new smart phone, I immediately remembered about his statements and discussions.  I was not much surprised to know this because that was quite possible to happen because of his negative thoughts.  But if I had prevented him that time from discussing the stuff, he would not have believed.

After he told me about stolen phone, I just asked about how and where the phone was stolen, etc. but did not tell him anything about law of attraction (LOA).  I had told him few months back about LOA when he was quite upset regarding his job environment etc. but may be he forgot or might not have believed much in that.

Now you might feel that taking precaution is a good thing and one need to talk to people about that.  Yes…taking precautions for safety of our belongings is must and good also but focusing on theft rather than safety would attract theft and not safety of your belongings.  Now that friend said that he will not get back his stolen phone most probably.  So, finally, he lost the phone for which he was so concerned when discussing the App.

I would explain this with an example.  It is common to all of us to put a lock on the main door of the house at night before going to sleep.  I think all of us do this task every night for our safety.  Now here our task is to put a lock on the main door and then sleep peacefully but rather than doing only this task, if we continuously discuss with people or think about why door should be locked, then there is a problem.  If we are discussing with people that “We should lock the door every night otherwise theft can happen” or say “Now a days there is so much of theft and no safety”.  If we are continuously discussing those negative stuff rather than safety then we are not grateful to god for all the safety and security we have been provided till now in life.  We are focusing on theft unintentionally instead of safety.  Had that friend of mine been talking about safety of phone by saying to our common friend that “there is one application which keeps your phone safe”, he could have saved his phone.  Words are powerful whether verbal or written or in mind, so instead of negative words, if he would have focused more on positive words, he could have saved his smart phone from theft.  It is important to know here that, he lost his phone because he was discussing and giving out negative thoughts [ie. thoughts about theft more than safety] but our common friend did not gave much thought on the theft and tracing, he even did not much discussed about the application himself, neither I gave any attention to his words and discussion.  As he was the only person focusing on negative, he attracted it and that too within 15 days of buying the new phone.

He is again now looking for a new phone and again internet search has begun.  The point here I want to make is not about phone but about how our thoughts [positive or negative] attract our life experiences intentionally or unintentionally.  Material things once stolen can be bought again, money once stolen can be earned again but it becomes important to know how life works if we want to attract good experiences rather than bad and save ourselves from loss and when it comes to loss of a person then just think how important it is to think good thoughts, to speak good words, to feel good feelings.  Just think over it, LOA works even if one does not believe in it.  It works 24×7 and responds to our thoughts constantly, no intervals and no breaks.


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