Gratitude healed my severe headache

Yesterday night, due to some reason I was having severe headache and did not understand what to do, how to cure it.  It was late night, some where around 01:15 am.  Presently, my two and half years old nephew is here at our place for some days.  He was awake till late night as he had completed his sleep for around 4-5 hours in evening and was busy playing all time.  Everyday he sleeps a bit early but yesterday night he was awake till late night.  Now you must be thinking that why I am telling about my nephew and what is his connection with my severe headache.  The thing is, the one who relieved me from headache in some 10 minutes, was my nephew.

As I was restless due to severe headache, first thought came to my mind was taking a pain killer and sleep but some how I resisted because pain killer was not a solution.  I wanted to heal it on my own.  So I started speaking in my heart “Thank you for instant relief from headache”.  As I spoke this sentence 2-3 times, suddenly my nephew woke up from his bed and went to my mom dad’s room.  As my sis was sleeping, I went to see my nephew as it was dark all over rooms and he is so small that we cannot leave him alone anywhere.  So I went after him in mom dad’s room.  He was standing besides their bed.  Mom dad woke up immediately and I switched on the lights.  We all asked my nephew, why you woke up and came in this room?  What happened?.  He was just looking at us.  Then my dad said, he might be hungry as he was busy playing all the time and did not had proper dinner.  Mom and I asked him, whether he wanted to have milk.  He said yes.  Then mom asked whether he wanted to have paratha with milk.  He said yes.  He loves paratha, so I gave him paratha and milk.  Me, my mom and my nephew, we all sat on the dinning chairs.  He was playing with aeroplane on the table and me and my mom were sitting besides him, talking to him and giving him one by one bite of paratha and sip of milk.  As I got busy in talking to him and making him eat food, slowly my headache started reducing.  After around 10 minutes, he completed his meal and went to sleep after sharing his paratha and milk with me.  As he is very small, I could not deny eating food that he shared though it was late night.  But to my happiness, after he went to sleep, I noticed my headache was gone and as I had milk and paratha with him and spent time talking to him, my focus got diverted from headache to playing with my nephew, also having food with him which he shared, gave me glucose which helped relieving my headache.

The point here is, my severe headache which seemed impossible of curing without medicine got cured within 10-15 minutes time because of expressing gratitude towards healing in advance though it was not healed when I expressed gratitude.  Expressing gratitude made Universe to heal my headache through my nephew which I never expected.  Usually, he does not sleep late but yesterday was an exception for me and him as well.  Faith and gratitude can make impossible, possible.  This is one of the experiences of the power of gratitude.


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