Cells obey the mind mechanically

As we know our body is made up of millions of cells, it becomes important to know what these cells do to our body.  When our sensory organs perceive the things, the electrical signals go to our mind and the mind then instructs the cells to act and show the effect of the instructions on our body.  For example, when we see any beautiful thing, our eyes which is one of the sensory organ captures an image which is then converted into electrical signals which are sent to the mind, mind then gives instructions to the body how to perceive the captured image, ie, how it feels good or bad and that good or bad feeling indicates the cells to show the effect on the body.  If the feeling is good, it will enhance health and if bad, it will deteriorate health.  Cells behave mechanically based on the instructions our brain gives through electric impulses generated by the sensory organs which ultimately affects the entire body.

Many people say that what thoughts have to do with health?  How thoughts can be responsible for good or bad health?  Even, questions arises about how thoughts in mind would affect the water levels or fluids in the body.  One simple example would be excess secretion of acids.  Now we all know that stress causes acidity in the body.  Acidity means access secretion of acids in the body compared to what is actually needed.  There are other causes also for acidity, however everyone would agree that acid level in body rises if one is under stress.  Now the question is, stress is in mind, then how acid level in body rises.  What connects the mind and the body?  Mind and body both are made up of fluids and cells which are mere collection of protons, electrons and neutrons which are pure energy.

When our mind gives out good thoughts, any good thought, it sends positive electrical signals to the cells and body fluids which shows effect on the body in the form of good health.  Similarly, if one thoughts about something negative, the mind sends negative electrical signals to the cells which in turn takes the negative form and shows the effect on the body in the form of various diseases.  Cells behave mechanically, they do not understand whether the electrical signals given by the mind is for the good of the body or bad.  Cells act exactly what they are instructed to do by the mind.

We all know that today stress is the main cause of all diseases.  Stress comes out of unseen worries which are mere a product of negative thoughts and those negative thoughts are mere perception of an individual.  Health is the mirror for one’s quality of thoughts.  When we see a person with an amazing health, we can make out that he/she might be most of the time thinking good thoughts and is able to deal with negative thoughts effectively.  On the other hand, if we see a person having health issues most of the time, we can make out that he/she is having stressful or negative thoughts most of the time rather than positive or good thoughts.

One more example about thoughts affecting health –  When a person who is not acquainted with public speaking is asked to give a public speech or say in corporate world he/she is asked to give a presentation in front of management then that person would start having butterflies in stomach.  Those butterflies are nothing but nervousness and nervousness is caused by fear of not performing well.  Though the person has not yet performed but an unforeseen worry or fear of not performing well causes stress or nervousness in mind and the mind sends electrical signals accordingly to the cells  which then act per mind’s instructions.  The effect is seen on the body in the form of perspirations, shivering in hands, some times shivering on whole body, breaking voice, low voice etc.  I have seen such reactions from people who fear public speaking.

The thoughts of diseases would create diseases in the body and the thoughts of amazing health would give amazing health.  Our body is made in such a way that it is capable of healing itself or deteriorate itself and this is carried out by the instructions from the mind like any wound is healed by itself after certain time period because our body cells are capable of creating themselves and even destroy themselves.

Human body is the effect while the cause is the mind which cultivates thoughts.  The main message which I wish to convey here is that our thoughts are the source of our good or bad health.  So we can always consciously make efforts to maintain our amazing health by cultivating good thoughts in the mind rather than giving shelter to stress, worries, fear or anxiety.   Even diseases can disappear totally from the body if consciously we focus on positive thoughts about health.  Discussing disease would increase them rather than healing them.

So it becomes important for us to focus only on positive thoughts most of the time and to deal with negative thoughts effectively in case they creep into our mind, if we wish to have an amazing health.

See your mind as a beautiful flowery garden cultivated with love.  As we maintain our garden with love, removing unnecessary weeds and growing beautiful plants, so we should do for our mind.  Remove unnecessary weeds [worries & fears] and allow only good plants [good thoughts] to grow.  Then see the magic of amazing health.


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