Music has become an integral part of our life. Today if we think of a single day without listening to any music or song, it feels impossible. Just think, is there any single day where we have not listened or sung any song or music? May it be any layman with not so good singing, he cannot live without singing or listening to music or song. Many people would be calling themselves bathroom singers but they also enjoy singing because music and songs have become so integral part of our life like food and water that we cannot think of life without music. In happy moments or sad ones, people listens music. Everyday, during home to office or back, during travelling, at work in breaks, at home, at weddings birthdays, parties, etc., people listen and enjoy music. When I listen my favourite songs, I feel so amazing. It gives me a feeling of gratitude for the talented music directors, musicians and all the people who contribute towards making so amazing music. Really, my heartfelt thanks to all the people who give us such a melodious songs and music which makes our life beautiful.


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