Smiley and cartoon stickers

Yesterday while searching my wardrobe for something, my eyes stuck on the smiley stickers which I bought a year back.  As I saw the stickers, the scene flashed in front of my eyes recalling the experience of buying those stickers.  It was an emotional moment, so thought of sharing that with you.

A year back one day I was in the market with my dad for some work.  My dad went to one shop and I was waiting for him at my scooter in parking area.  While I was busy looking at people and the shops around the parking lot, one kid of around 9 years old came to me with a bunch of stickers in his hands.  The stickers were full of smileys and cartoons for kids.  He looked very poor.  He asked me whether I would like to buy the stickers.  I politely told him that we do not have kids at home so what would I do with those stickers if bought.  He requested me “Please buy the stickers, its INR 10.00 per strip”.  I again informed him kindly, “Dear, I can buy but I do not have any kid at home, so no use in buying the stickers.  He again requested, “Please buy, I need money, I am hungry”.  I was touched by his situation and his low voice.

I decided to buy a strip of stickers and gave him INR 10.00 for a strip.  But he requested to buy two for INR 20.00, as he was hungry since morning, he needed at least INR 20.00 to have a good amount of food for him and his near and dear ones I suppose.  So I bought 2 strips of cartoon and smiley stickers for INR 20.00 from that kid.  I thought to give those stickers to my nephew whenever he comes to our place.

This act of buying the stickers gave me a good feeling of helping that child and also because he was asking for money against those stickers and he was not begging.  Many people tell me that, there are various groups of people who use poor children to make money by making them work or beg and so you should not give money so easily to any poor people.  I give money to poor people like the situation mentioned above, only if my heart says yes.  I felt that the child was genuinely requesting and my inner self asked me to buy the stickers and help him, so I did that.

I am grateful to god for giving me opportunity to help that child.


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