Rising sun and a bird

“The rising sun and a bird”

Any guesses about this statement?

I am referring to the header image of my blog. The photograph of the rising sun and a bird which is now the identity of my blog “Live Your Dreams…Create the life you wish” was clicked by me in December 2014, from window of my hotel room early in the morning, during my official tour. That morning when opened the curtain of the window, I saw the beautiful sun rise and it instantly tempted me to capture that amazing scene in my camera. I clicked two photos. Second time when I was clicking the photo, it was a clear sky and the sun but after the click, a bird appeared in the photo amazingly..I was literally stunned because the way bird got clicked with full open feathers rising up in sky with all freedom, it was amazing. That moment was really fantabulous. I was not aware that in few days after this day, I would be starting my blog and this beautiful photograph would be my blog’s identity. Universe plans so amazingly, we can never ever plan in such a perfect way. Even the title of my blog was an unexpected title that came instantly to my mind when I made a WordPress account for initiating blog. Today when I correlate the image and the name of my blog, it perfectly matches and gives a clear message about my blog. Rising sun right after the dawn gives us an inspiration that after the darkest night there will be a dawn which is much more powerful than the darkness. It gives us a learning that like sun we should always give light to the world surrounding us unconditionally and the rising sun is the most positive moment full of hope for the beautiful new day. The bird flying high in the sky with feathers completely open gives us inspiration to fly confidently high in our life with all enthusiasm and courage towards our dream and live free from worries and do every task with all our heart.

Amazing message from the universe from one photograph, I would rather say one moment that I was able to capture to my heart due to god’s grace. A big big thanks to the Universe.


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