Mood Shifters

In life, there are many moments were one feels low due to many reasons. Life is all about ups and downs and every up and down is important because they give us lots of joyful moments and learning. The joyful moments are enjoyable only because of low moments or say not so good moments. Happiness of success is felt only after experiencing failures and disappointments that come in everyone’s life and are really important for our growth and increase our strength to face challenges and achieve our dreams. Here, important is how to deal with those low moments. There are many things which we can do to raise our frequency and feel good so that we can attract more and more good things and joyful moments in life. Two years back while reading one of self help books, I got to know something about mood shifters. This is nothing but the list of those things which makes us feel good instantly. Those things help us feel good and raise our frequency towards positivity. Out of 10-15 days, if there are 1 or 2 days where we feel low is normal and that time those mood shifters would help us to rise above the low frequency. In my case I have list of few things which I refer to when I feel low. This list helps me a lot in raising my frequency and most important if I feel like crying in case I am not feeling good then I don’t control my tears. Such moments come rarely thanks to god. Crying really makes my heart light and it gives me way to think towards positivity. Here is the list of mood shifters for me.

1. Talk to my nephew (he is right now 2.5 years old)
2. See my nephew’s photos or video
3. See beautiful nature images on internet
4. Talk to friends
5. Read awesome feel good quotes or real life inspirational stories on internet
6. Listen to my favourite songs
7. Watch comedy movies (if I am at home. Usually I don’t watch television but in such time I watch comedy movies)
8. Read my gratitude journal
9. Write my blessings in gratitude journal
10. Visit my dream book to feel good about wishes fulfilled.

The above are written in random order. The above are some of the mood shifters which really help me to uplift my mood. You can also try making list of your mood shifters and see how they tremendously help you in uplifting mood and feel good.


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