Lucky Buddha

This experience was really a pleasant surprise.  On 5th December 2014, in evening I was packing my bag for my Shanghai travel the next day.  On 6th December 2014, I was supposed to leave my home town in the afternoon for Mumbai Airport, as I had flight at 1:30 am for Shanghai.  It was an official tour with my team.

On 5th December evening, one of the past students of my mom’s tuition class came to meet me with his mom.  He is around 10 years old, do not know his exact age.  He studied in my mom’s class from KG till 7th Standard.  Me and my sis have seen my mom’s students since KG, so today also they come at good times to meet us.  That evening he gave a pleasant surprise by gifting me a cute ‘Lucky Buddha’.  I was really surprised.  I asked him and his mom about the reason for giving the gift as it was not my birthday.  His mom told me that he wanted to give you lucky Buddha for wishing you a good and safe journey to China.  He had told his mom that as Gargi didi [in India ‘didi’ means ‘elder sister’] is going to China for the first time, I want to gift her a lucky Buddha as it is said that lucky Buddha is a good luck charm and will make her journey good and safe.  I was so touched.  I did not even know that mom’s all students know about my China visit.

What a kid can think, we as adult can never think.  Can we think of giving something as a good luck charm or at least a heartfelt good wishes when some one goes for a good opportunity in life?  We do wish people on their achievements, but what kids express unconditional love, we rarely express.  Kids teach us to give unconditionally.  By gifting lucky Buddha, he was not expecting anything in return.  I asked him what should I bring for you from Shanghai, he said nothing.  Still, as I had already decided to bring chocolates for all the students, I brought them from Hong Kong airport.   All the students were so happy to receive the chocolates.   The joy seen on the face of each of the students was far more valuable than the cost I incurred for the chocolates.   I really love kids and I am always eager to do for them.


A big thanks to God for giving me this beautiful life with beautiful people around me.


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