Law of attraction – Heal relationships

Everyone in this world needs love.  Love from Parents, Siblings, life partner and friends.  Everyone wishes to receive good behavior from people at every moment of life.  Relationships are really very important for all of us because they make life worth living.   Just imagine, what life would be without any relationship or say healthy relationship?  Can we imagine ourselves without our family & friends?  Can we imagine our work life without healthy relations with our colleagues and superiors?

It is the truth that everyone in this world needs a healthy relationship.  Everyone of us want happy family life, happy friendships and happy work life.  But today when we see families or friendships or work life, we see chaos, disappointments, grudges in hearts.  There are various examples of absolute healthy relationships which I have seen till now and they are really appreciable.  In my life till now I have experienced many aspects of relationships like relationship with my parents, siblings and friends.  Till now from my own experiences and from life of people surrounding me, I have learned what are the prime causes of damaged or tensed relationships and how those causes are affected by the law of attraction.  The law of attraction applies to every aspect of our life and so the relationships.

Causes of broken relationships or not so good relationships:

1.  Ungratefulness towards good things done by the person –  In any relationship, when we are ungrateful for the good things the person has done f us, we do not see any good qualities in him/her which results in complaints.   This complaining starts from petty issues and gradually rises to such a high extent that the relationship breaks.  And the relations are so damaged that both the persons or either of them do not wish to even see each other.    When we start complaining about the person, then we focus on negativity and give out constant negative vibes which attract more and more negative behavior from that person.  We attract more and more of what we don’t want because we focus on what we don’t want.  Law attraction is very faithful.  What we give out, we receive.

2.  Taking person for granted –  When we start taking relationships or person for granted then that relationship won’t work because in such relations we do not respect the other person.  We are only concerned with ourselves and what benefits or good behavior we receive from the other person, we are not concerned or say we are not bothered about what we are giving to the other person, how we are behaving towards the other person.  We are not bothered about whether our behavior is hurting the other person.  We tend to become selfish and just take undue advantage of good behavior of the other person.  Many times the person would not tell us that he/she is feeling bad about our behavior and we are also never bothered to know what he/she might be feeling.  Suppose I talk to my friend only when I wish or only when I need and do not talk or say ignore my friend when he/she wishes to talk or need me then this is taking person for granted.  I am only interested in receiving good behavior and favor but not interested in helping or listening to my friend.  This attitude gradually takes the person away from us because no one on this earth can tolerate disrespect for long.  Taking someone for granted is a disrespect towards that person and disrespect is a negative vibe which would make relationships go bad.

3.  Possessiveness –  In any relationship, if we become possessive [over protective or over concerned] then such relationships gradually get hampered and soon becomes a burden.  Possessiveness comes from insecurity.  When we fear of losing a person or a relationship, we try to become over concerned for the person.  When we become possessive in any relationship, we forget that the other person also needs a space and when that space is not given then the person feels chained in a cage and eventually he breaks the chain by breaking the relationship.  He/she no more feels interested in talking to us or keep any relation with us because he/she feels the relationship as a burden which cannot be handled any more.  This results in losing the person and the relationship.  The fear of losing the person gets manifested as reality.  This does not mean that the person does not respect us but he/she is compelled to go away from us.  Insecurity comes out of fear of losing a person and fear is a negative vibe.  When we give out negative vibe then we are bound to attract negativity in our relationship.  Through our fears, we are creating problems in the relationships.  Giving out fear will manifest it in our life.  Fear of losing the person is a negative thought which leads to possessive behavior and finally to broken relationship.

The above were three prime causes which I have seen affecting good relationships.  Like every problem has a solution, so broken relationships.  The only solution to restore a broken relationship or making good relationship better and better to best is ‘GRATITUDE’.  Be grateful for all the good things people do for you.  Focus on good qualities rather than negative qualities.  When we feel grateful for good qualities in others we attract more and more good behavior from others.  If you want to restore a broken relationship or make good relationship better, everyday write at least 5 things about the other person for which you wish to thank him/her for doing that for you.  Everyone coming in our life no matter how long he/she stays in our life, there must be something for which we want to thank them.  Write them down on a piece of paper or in your journal or diary.  When we write down the good things about the other person, we are expressing gratitude with all our heart.  Gratitude has the highest positive frequency and each good thing we write about the person will generate magnificent power that will attract healing the relationships and turning them to amazing relationships.

There are many relationships which are not much close to our heart so it does not make much difference to us whether we are in touch with the person or not.  For example, our colleagues or boss.  If we are not able to think positive about the person, we should avoid thinking negative about the person because negative thoughts will attract more negativity in our life in various forms.  When we stop giving out negative thoughts about the person, Universe would solve the person either by moving us out of that person’s life or move him/her out of our life.

Be grateful for all the good things your near and dear ones do for you, be grateful for all the wonderful relationships you have presently, be grateful for all the blessings you have received till now.  Express deep gratitude everyday, then see the magic.  Relationships will heal miraculously.

We cannot change a person through law of attraction because changing the person means we are disapproving the person first and so we want to change him or her.  Disapproval is a negative vibe and will attract negativity instead of good things from the person.  Accept the person as he/she is, appreciate the similarities and good things and respect the differences.  Give heartfelt gratitude towards good things done by him/her and see how wonderful the relationship becomes.

I feel really blessed that with god’s grace I have wonderful relationships with all my family members, friends and colleagues.  Everyone on this earth can have amazing relationships in life if they wish.



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