Healed cracked nail

One more amazing experience of power of visualization and gratitude [Law of Attraction].

Few months back I was worried about my left toe nail.  Actually due to some injury in the toe, the nail got cracked and that I was not aware when and where I got injured and the nail got a crack.  When I saw my nail one day, it seemed cracked horizontally in the middle.  This made me quite worried because due to injury the nail got weak and brittle.  Some how I did not wish to visit doctor for this problem.

One day, just thought of trying the power of visualization and gratitude to heal the cracked nail.  As I had positive experiences of applying deliberate LOA earlier, I thought to apply again to heal my cracked nail.  So I did the following:

1.  I sat on a bed and looked at my perfectly healthy nail of my right toe.  For few seconds I just captured an image of a healthy toe of my right foot.

2.  Then closed my eyes and visualized my left toe as perfectly healthy like my right toe.  As I had captured the image of healthy toe nail of my right toe, it was quite easy to visualize healthy nail for left foot.

3.  After visualizing healthy toe nail, I expressed my gratitude by thanking Universe for healing my nail.  After this, I proceeded to my everyday activity.

After about a month or two, I totally forgot about this and when I least expected, Universe showed the magic.  I realized that my left toe nail was completely healed.  There was no crack and the surface of the nail was plain and smooth like my right toe.  I was so amazed and speechless because I did not expect this perfect healing.  I did not take any medicine or did not apply any lotion or anything on my nail but still it got completely healed.

Once again, Universe made me realize how powerful gratitude and visualization is.  A big thanks to the Universe.


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