Three rupees

This happened some 7 years back.  While going to bank for some work from office, I took a sharing auto from office to bank.  The distance from office to bank was hardly 2 kms.  In those days, I was not having my personal scooter, so used to commute in sharing auto.  It was a monsoon season, so lots of rain.  I started from office to bank with a wallet and umbrella in my hands.  There was one more passenger in the auto as it was a sharing one.  On reaching bank, as I stepped out of the auto, it started raining heavily.  I opened my umbrella immediately and to my dismay the umbrella broke down and I got wet in just few minutes.  I was so upset because of broken umbrella and heavy rain which was preventing me from taking out money from wallet to pay the auto driver as it would get wet.  It did not strike me to put down the umbrella on the road because it was all mud and water on the place where I was standing.  I was just trying to handle the broken umbrella and open my wallet to pay “Three rupees” and in that effort, the umbrella fell down.  Again that made me very uncomfortable.  The auto driver and the other elderly passenger were looking at my efforts and at the same time my sad expressions.   After watching my efforts and sad expressions for some time, the elderly passenger sitting in the auto said “You go, I will pay your money”.  I just looked at him, he again said “Do not worry, you go, will pay your auto fare”.  I was standing in heavy rain without umbrella with confused and sad expressions, I said “No..No.. I will pay my fare”  but in fact I was not in a position to open the wallet and pay.  So again the passenger said, “You please proceed, I will pay your fare, not an issue”.  This time I accepted his kind help and proceeded towards bank, and he paid the fare.

This experience is among those which I can never forget.  In this world where we hardly expect kindness from people, especially strangers, that elderly person who was a stranger, helped me and at that moment I felt as if almighty himself came to my help.  It was actually this very feeling.  The question was not about “Three rupees” which that person paid on my behalf, but the question is of kindness which he showed towards me.  Today also, when I remember that incidence, it reminds me how Universe takes care of you at every moment in life.  My big thanks to that person who helped and to the Universe who sent that person to my help that day.  Today also, there are good people on this earth who are the hope for better planet in future.

Thank You  Thank You  Thank you


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