Attracted mobile game objects in reality

Last week I downloaded a 3D detective game on my phone.  In that game, there were 10 cases to solve.  Solving each case would take to next case.  In the game, the player was given the facts of the case and various places from where the evidences need to be collected.  The list of objects [evidences] would appear on the screen and the player need to find all the given objects within a stipulated time.  After all the evidences are collected, at the end, the player had to identify the culprit based on the motive observed and weapon collected.  This was a 3D game and was really interesting.  I solved all the 10 cases.  Though I am not in this crime investigation profession but as I am heading towards cyber security profession, investigation and all stuff really interests me.  So I really enjoyed the game.

Now, the interesting thing which I want to share is that, while playing the game in one of the cases, there were various objects or say evidences which I observed, identified and collected, to my utter surprise yesterday I saw 7 objects in reality.  Those were, a set of swords, cool water flask, paint tin, paint brush, artificial lizard, orange drink in glass bottle, playing cards, company flier.  I would also like to share about where and when I saw those objects in reality.

1.  A set of swords –  Yesterday, on the way to my office in the morning, I saw a metal inscribed small ‘set of swords’ on the back of a motor bike just above the number plate.  This was the first object I saw from the game in reality.  I was really amazed to see that.  It was not a co-incidence that my eyes got stuck at that metal piece at back of the bike.

2.  Cool water flask [bottle] – After the set of swords, I saw a cool water flask in the side holder of laptop bag which was carried by a guy on the bike who overtook my vehicle on the way to office.  The flask was the same as I saw in the game.  Interesting!!!!

3.  Orange drink in a glass bottle – After being surprise by the metal piece and cool flask, on my way, I saw a three wheeler cycle career ahead of me.  On that career there were 7 to 8 glass bottles with various drinks and interesting was 1st bottle which I saw was a bottle with orange drink and trust me that was not a branded drink like mirinda etc.  It was a local type of drink in a glass bottle and the shape of the bottle was exactly like what I saw in the game and yes the drink was also orange in the game.  So the drink and the bottle both were ditto same as were in the game and I could not believe my eyes because from past may months I have not seen such kind of bottle.  Wow!!!  I was smiling.

4.  Company flier –  The same day, while working on my PC, I saw a company flier on one of the web page on a search engine.  The color was black & white, the shape and color all were the same as I saw in the game.  In the game due to small fonts of letters on the flier, I could not see what was written but the shape and color was the same.

5.  Paint Tin –  The same day, after leaving office in the evening, while going towards parking area from office building, I saw two men coming towards my side, may be they might be going for work at plant or so.  Each of them were carrying paint tin.  Amazing!!!!

6.  Paint brush –  Both the men with the paint tin were also carrying the paint brush with them.

7.  Playing cards –  While on my way to home in the evening the same day, I saw a picture of playing cards with three cards open exactly like it was in the game, at the back of the autorikshaw driven ahead of me.  The picture of playing cards was on the both the wheel guards of the auto.

8.  Artificial lizard – After experiencing the surprised scenes since morning, one more was added and that artificial lizard.  While coming home, the same day, at the back of the car going ahead of me, I saw a big picture of an artificial lizard.   It was sticker of lizard.  This was absolutely stunning!!!

When I saw the set of swords metal object at the back of the bike, some how I felt that I would see other objects too from the game in reality that day and that happened.  Perfect!!!!

Do you think that all the above were just co-incidences?  Not at all.  All the above I attracted….One important thing,  I attracted positive things from the game because I was on positive frequency while playing the game and after that.  Law of attraction works all the time and we should be able to recognize that we attract everything through our thoughts and visuals.  Isn’t is amazing!!!


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