How Law of attraction affect toddlers

In earlier posts we understood Law of attraction ie. the Universal Law which governs our life.  Law of attraction means like attract like.  The thoughts which we give out in the universe attracts things, people and circumstances existing on that frequency as our life experiences in future.  We are responsible for our life because we create it with our thoughts.  Now, one would think, toddlers are too innocent and ignorant about this world to think something and attract.  They are not rational enough in their thought process to give out negative or positive thoughts or even understand what is positive or negative thoughts then how they create their live experiences when they are toddlers.  This question is absolutely correct.  Answer is, we create their life experiences by our thoughts.  Children’s life moments are affected by the thoughts of people around them like their parents and other people around them.  When children fall ill, its not that they thought of illness and so attracted.  They fell sick because of people around them.  When elders or parents tend to discuss illness of children then they are inadvertently attracting illness for their children.  Like I have seen many ladies talking in their circle about child’s illness and also discuss about atmosphere or climate change or other stuffs related to diseases that affect children and thus attract it, children would not be knowing that they are going to fall ill.  Another example is of my nephew.  My nephew is very good in handling glass crockeries like glass plate or bowl etc.  He never drop it or broke it till some days back when he first time broke the glass.  The scene was as under:

My nephew who is 2 and half years old, was playing outside home in the evening at our place and was really enjoying his time with us.  After about 1 hour, he and my sis who was playing with him and other neighboring kids, came home to drink water.  My nephew saw my dad drinking water in a glass tumbler and so asked to give him water in glass tumbler only.  My dad gave him water in a glass tumbler because he always hold the glass articles with due care, so dad was pretty sure that he would handle it with care.  On getting water in a glass tumbler, my nephew just ran towards the main door of the house with the glass in his hand and my sis chased him saying “Stop!! do not run out of the house with the glass other wise it will fall and break”.  Though, till now he had never broken any glass article, still my sis was worried and started shouting to stop him but he continued and within few minutes the glass tumbler full of water was on the floor broken and shattered into pieces.  What was the result?  My nephew got a slap and scolding for not listening to his mom and not stopping which resulted in broken glass which could have injured his feet.  My sis felt very bad scolding and slapping him, also because it was the first time he broke a glass article.  The whole atmosphere was spoiled because everyone got upset due to my sis’s bad mood and my nephew’s crying after getting a slap.  My sis’s thought and constant words about broking the glass instantly attracted it which resulted in this situation.  This could have been avoided by taking the things quite calmly.  She could have gone outside house with my nephew without shouting or saying anything negative and let him drink the water, take the empty glass from his hands and calmly make him understand the consequences of running with a glass tumbler.  I think doing this could have avoided spoiling the mood and atmosphere both.  I appreciate that kids should be scolded at times to improve them and for their betterment but we should also understand that the future situation depends on how we think and react NOW.  If we think and react negatively then result would not be good.

One more example, my mom takes personal tuitions for standard 1st to 7th.  I have seen parents of students always complaining my mom that their children do not study at home and they do not listen to them, etc.  Everyday they complain and thereby more and more they attract these stuff.  More and more their kids do not study and do not listen to their parents because parents are giving out complaints and so attract more and more situations to complain every day.  Law of attraction responds to their thoughts which affects their children.  Children are blamed for not studying, they are slapped or get scolded for not studying, not listening.  They are punished for the acts for which they are not responsible.  Elders would say to the kids that do not run other wise you will fall and what happens is the kid falls down.   We believe it or not, this is how we create life experiences of our toddlers.  Only we can create positivity around us and influence life around us with all goodness.  Choice is ours totally.


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