Wow!!! I attracted participation in a professional competition – my dream profession

During the phase of researching for career shift from audit to cyber security, I learned that my interest was growing in the area of analysis or say digital analysis.  The time I thought of changing my professional field and going to a totally new area, one question came to my mind, that was “In which task I would like to specialize or say work in the area of cyber forensic and cyber security?”  After researching a lot on web and other sources, I concluded that I am good at analytical tasks and my interest was high in the field of cyber space due to its changing and regularly updating technology.  Since 2010 I was researching for this career and in 2014 finally I joined a professional course in this area.  While talking to my family, friends and peers regarding my new career shift, I used to emphasis on profession of digital evidence analysis and used to say that “I would like to resolve the cases, if I am given the digital evidences to analyze because I am good at analysis”.  As I am new in this area without any practical experience, I always wished to get an opportunity to start somewhere and get practical experience along with studies.  I was not at all aware of Universe’s plan for my this wish.  I had totally forgotten this thought until yesterday evening.  Universe gave me an big surprise in my mail box yesterday which really blew my mind because I never expected such a pleasant surprise from Universe.  I really did not expect this.  I am so happy, can’t express in words here.  A big thank you to the Universe.

The big surprise was an email from one of the educational institution providing education in the field of cyber forensic, cyber security and cyber law in India.  The email was regarding launch of cyber crime competition to be held online in the next month in which participants need to solve 7 cyber crime cases in just 17 hours to win the prize.  The registration started yesterday and without any cost.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw this mail, Universe gave me the opportunity to solve 7 cases online by participating in the competition and get the practical experience.  Wow!!!  I have registered for the competition yesterday and started my studies for the same.  This will be really exciting competition and would surely help starting my career in this field.  This is my dream career and I am sure, god has wonderful plans for my dream career which are one by one unfolding in a perfect way.

Love you god.

Thank You   Thank You  Thank You

Yes!!!!!  I am really excited


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