Mesmerizing Black Shelter

Some days back while returning to home from office in the evening, I was stuck in the traffic and was slowly moving on.  In the area where I was driving, we usually see lots of birds on the surrounding trees, especially banyan tree on the way.  Whenever I drive on that way, I love to see the birds and listen their chirping.  Most of them are black color birds, however I am not aware of the name or the specie of those birds.  It feels so good listening to the chirping of flock of birds.

Now back to that particular day…as I was moving with the traffic slowly, observing the people, vehicles, shops, houses, old structure and trees around me, suddenly I saw something that was really mesmerizing.  I saw a flock of birds were approaching towards my side up in the sky from quite a good distance.  My eyes stopped at that scene and was gazing towards the flock of the birds.  Within few minutes the flock covered whole sky with their beautiful chirping sound and within no time it was feeling like a black shelter covering the world.  At that time no one could see anything in the sky but the birds.  They were in large number and the whole sky was black.  WOW!!!! what a mesmerizing scene.  I was so astonished looking at the black sky.  Earlier, I had seen flock of birds making beautiful patterns high in the sky and I always love to see them but this was something amazing because whole sky was beautifully covered by the birds and everywhere there was chirping sound.  It was really awesome, I was so happy.  This amazing experience does not stop here.  The more interesting thing was, I observed that no one around me in the big traffic was looking at the sky, that was surprising.  As I moved on in the traffic with this surprised feeling, my eyes stuck on the two wheeler which joined the traffic from the turn near the road and came ahead of me.  There was a couple and a small kid sitting in the middle on the two wheeler.  Only that kid was looking at the sky with all surprised and amazing feeling like me.

It made me realize that as an adult we tend to become so busy in life or say so called busy schedule that we don’t observe what’s going on around us and even if we observe we do not take efforts to appreciate those things or even notice the beauty surrounding us.  When we were kids, we used to enjoy the beauty of nature and every single thing happening around us and with all curiosity we would ask questions and feel happy with the amazing answer our parents and elders would give.  By the time we grow up, we tend to get our selves caged in a mind set that adults cannot enjoy wholeheartedly like children.  We think that adulthood is all about responsibilities and many a times we even do not laugh whole heartedly.  I appreciate that we have responsibilities but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy life or we cannot laugh whole heartedly like we used to do as kids.  Today also, at least try once, laughing and enjoying every bit of the moment whole heartedly and see how life unfolds its magic to you.

Since last 2 years, I have learned about the power of gratitude and law of attraction and that has taught me to  appreciate every single thing in my life and have started observing the things going around me.  I have learned to see beauty in everything, I have learned to feel the beauty of nature and realize that how much love god is giving me.  The above experience was so amazing that I would love to experience that again and again.  I just loved it.


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