Got my dream phone Lumia 640

In my earlier post I shared my experience about how I enjoyed two months without my smart phone as it was not working due to some battery issue.  In those two months I was looking for a good smart phone and settled my choice on Microsoft phone.  As I was using nokia phone [not smart phone] since past 7 years back and I was having a good experience so thought of going for Microsoft smart phone and ofcourse its one of the most famous brand in world today in technology.   You must be thinking, am I advertising Microsoft here?  No… I am not.  Actually I am just sharing that how much I liked nokia and Microsoft.

After I decided on the brand, I started my search for a good model which would have all the required features. I spent a good time searching for the model on the net and selected one but still it was not having some of the features which I was looking for.  Everyone told me to go for other than Microsoft or nokia phone if I really want all the required features.  I was quite disappointed, as I heartily wished to have Microsoft phone.  Though the model which I selected was not having some of the required features, I decided to go for it because the available features were pretty good and was cost effective too.

Here, I was ready to compromise on the some of the required features because I really wished to have Lumia model.   So decided to buy one of the Lumia model after a week time.  I had prepared myself for some of the less features but Universe did not want me to compromise on any of the features.  One day after my decision for buying the chosen Lumia model, while I was surfing the net for everyday news, a link appeared on my screen regarding proposed launch of new Lumia model in the next month.  As I opened the link, my happiness was high in the air.  It was my dream phone with all the required features which I was prepared to compromise with the existing model.  The features which were missing in the old model were all covered in this new model with a good price.  So I concluded my choice on this new model and decided to wait for its launch in the next month.

As the next month began, I started looking for the news for its launching date but could not find any confirmed date.  Two days after this online search for the launch date, on 6th April 2015 early morning I had a dream.  This dream was unexpected.  In my dream I saw myself in the nokia dealer’s shop.  Before I could say anything, the guy in the shop said “Mam, a new phone has come in the market, its Lumia 640, its really good model you can buy that”.  I told the guy that Yes! I also thought of going for this model, please show me the phone.  He said, right now we have not received any stock of Lumia phones, it will come after some days.  How about the cost I asked him?  He said 13K, I told him to offer some discount as I was the 1st customer to buy that model and told him that will come to his shop after the stock arrives.  He said OK.”   I woke up from sleep and found that I was not in the shop but on my bed, it was early morning and time for getting up and ready for going office.  I told mom dad about this unexpected dream.

I felt like god was giving me some indication about launching of the mobile and the price.  On reaching office, I checked web for any launch date but could not see any confirmed date.  Thereafter I forgot about this and got busy in my work.   After 2 days ie. on 8th April 2015, at 11:30 pm I was just checking my mail box and to my utter surprise saw a mail from online shopping portal about launch of Lumia 640 and I was like… what????  Lumia 640 launched yesterday??? and the price was 11.9K.  I immediately went to the Microsoft site and again checked the launch information and it was correct.  The new model launched on 7th, one day after my dream at a price less than what I saw in my dream.  Without wasting any time, I ordered my dream phone.  On 10th April, my dream phone was on my palms.  I couldn’t believe because I always used to imagine Lumia phone on my palms and that imagination turned into reality in an unexpectedly beautiful way.  The people who told me not to buy Lumia too liked it.  It feels so amazing when dreams come true.

Universe is simply amazing!!!

Thank You   Thank You   Thank You


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