61 days without smart phone

In past two months, I have realized that life can be enjoyed without a smart phone.  Its really an interesting experience.  Actually what happened was on 9th of February 2015, I uninstalled Whatsapp for studies as I was having exam on 28th February 2015 and wanted to concentrate strictly on studies.  After some days of uninstalling Whatsapp, my smart phone’s battery had some issue and due to that it needed to be switched off.  I switched it off and thought of taking it to repair after my exams.  It was more than two years that I was using a smart phone and when it comes to live without it many people might feel it difficult but as I was busy in studies and was having my old mobile phone, it was not a major issue for me.   Also because I would hardly get any time to talk to friends or be online.

After I finished my exam, don’t know why it did not feel like taking the phone to repair because deep inside me it felt that it would not get repaired.  So instead of thinking much on the smart phone, I decided to enjoy my time in some other things till I get a new phone.

I spent this time in cooking various recipes including learning new recipes from mom and doing all the household work which otherwise I would not do because mom never let me do much work due to my busy schedule.  But these two months along with office, I enjoyed cooking with other household work, writing this blog and talking to friends on call which otherwise we would not do because of chatting through messages and all.

For past two months, I did not remember my smart phone a single day except for my favorite songs, even I did not realize its need.  The two months were amazing and using the smart phone again after two months feels more amazing.  I bought my new phone on 10th of April 2015 and it is again a good story about journey of my wish to get my dream phone to the day I actually received it.

In my next post, I will share my story of getting my dream phone.  Its interesting and again makes me realize that Universe always gives us the best and more than we expect.

Universe says “Your Wish My Command”… this is absolutely true.


One thought on “61 days without smart phone

  1. Reblogged this on mera India and commented:
    So true. I can see myself here. Hhahaha. I never had whatsapp. I installed whatsapp in December and unistalled again.



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