I attracted my favorite song on wheels

Universe is incredibly amazing.

Last month I was on three days mini vacation at my sister’s place with my parents for celebrating festival of colors.  I really enjoyed the wonderful moments with my two and half years old nephew and all family members.  After enjoying three days vacation, the night before leaving for our town, while going to sleep I wished to listen one of my favorite song but there was no source from where I could listen the song.  I desperately wished to listen to the song but was not having that song in my cell.  So I thought to sing that song and enjoy.  It was a pleasant cool night and I was alone in the room as all other family members where still awake and where watching television in other room.  I began singing my favorite song with all my heart, it was an amazing feeling because I love my singing and I really love to sing.  After enjoying my favorite song in my own voice, I went to sleep.

Next day me and my parents left my sister’s place for our home town.  As I was not having my smart phone with me,  I asked Dad to give me his phone to listen songs on FM Radio.  I switched on FM station to check whether network was available while we were in train.  No station was available at that time but I had put on the head phones  and was trying to search on available stations on various frequencies.  After sometime of wait, one station got connected and the song was played, guess what?…it was the song which I heartily wished to listen the earlier night and that I sung because no other source was available to listen to my favorite song.  My happiness was high in the air…I was so very happy and excited to listen that song.  Universe is so amazing, it fulfills our smallest wish also and that too most unexpectedly and honestly.  Hats off to the Universe.!!!  Truly amazing…


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