Magic of “THANK YOU” Steps – Thank you left…Thank you right

Few days back, one fine morning on reaching my office, after parking vehicle I proceeded towards my office building.  As I took 1st step after parking my vehicle, a beautiful thought came to my mind.  The thought was to say “Thank You” at each step I will take to reach my desk.  “Thank you” on left step and “Thank you” on right step till I reach my desk.  This amazing thing I learned from the book “Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.  This gratitude practice I had done many times and it really feels amazing when you say “Thank You” on each steps.  So I started saying “Thank You” in my mind on each step I took till reached my desk.  On the way, some metres away from my office building, an instant thought came to express gratitude for the good things my boss did for me.  It was an unexpected thought.  Along with saying “Thank You” on each steps, I recalled few things about boss for which I was thankful to him.  It felt really good saying “Thank You”.

On reaching my desk, I switched on my PC and opened the mail box as everyday routine.  There were some mails from boss to respond.  I replied to the first mail and immediate reply came from him.  Guess What?…..the reply was “Good”, yes he wrote the word “Good”.  I had not seen my boss appreciating anyone earlier.  Actually his nature is such that he would never appreciate anyone, rather he would always criticize and find fault with people including his own subordinates, so the word “Good” was a magic.  My colleagues also were surprised to see this magic.  After, I received this magical reply, my colleagues also received the same appreciating response from our boss.  It was an amazingly surprising magical morning.  I never thought that feelings of gratitude for some 3 minutes would be so magical which made whole day so happy.

Gratitude has a magical power…..incredibly powerful.


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