Blue Satin Roses

One more amazing experience about unbelievable Universe.

Last year, for some purpose I wanted two Blue color flowers which can be used multiple times.  So I searched in markets for blue color plastic, clothe made flowers so that they can be washed and re-used.  After long search also could not get the one I wanted.  Every shop selling the artificial flowers where having garlands or bouquets of plastic or cloth flowers but what I wanted were single flowers.  I really tried my best to search for them but could not success.  People told me to buy garland or bouquet and break them and separate the flowers for use but I was not ready to damage the creativity of the person who had made the garland and bouquet with so much of efforts.

After long search in vain, I asked Universe to guide me what to do?

Later I forgot about this request I put into the Universe and was busy in my everyday work.  After some days, Universe gave me a fantastic response to my request which I forgot but Universe did not.

One night in my sleep, in a flash of few seconds, I saw colorful roses [including blue color] made up of satin ribbons, ie. hand made roses.  I instantly woke up and opened my eyes, thought for a while about the flowers which I saw.  My expression was “WOW!!!” What an idea.  I was so astonished by the Universe’s amazing response because I had red, green, orange and blue color satin ribbons at my home which I had purchased for gift packing.  For just fun purpose and creativity, I used to make roses from ribbons, especially during school days but did not thought that the flowers which I am searching outside, are in my house.

The next day, I prepared two blue color roses from satin ribbons.  They were looking amazing, I was so happy.

Universe is incredible…really amazing!!!

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you



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