They are possible waves unless observed

In my earlier posts on quantum mechanics and law of attraction, we saw that our thoughts create our life experiences, meaning our present thoughts creates our future life experiences.  Same way, what we are experiencing now are creations of our thoughts in the past.  As quantum physics discoveries say, thoughts are in ‘possible wave forms’.

Possible waves?  This question might strike your mind.

The meaning of ‘Possible wave forms’ is the possibility of a single thought wave which we give out, for materializing in the physical world is in all directions.  This means, a thought wave coming out of one’s mind has possibility of materializing in the physical world as life experiences in all respect before it is observed in a particular way.  Below simple examples can explain it clearly.

1.  If a person wishes to buy a smart phone but he has not yet decided which phone to buy, then all kind of smart phones have equal possibility of being selected by that person.  When the person thinks of a particular phone say he decides to buy Lumia 640 Dual Sim, then the moment this thought wave is released from his mind, the possibilities of other phones to get selected are dissolved and only one possibility of Lumia 640 gets materialized and he buys Lumia 640.

2.  If a person wishes to pursue higher education in a particular subject, then the thought wave is of ‘desire to pursue higher education in a particular subject’ but the person has not thought of from which institute he should pursue the course.  So till he thinks of any particular institute, all the institutes providing the higher education in that subject have equal possibility of being selected by that person.  Once the thought wave is given out for a particular institute, then all other institutes gets eliminated from the possibilities of selection and the thought of wished institute gets materialized.

3.  If a guy wants to marry but not sure about the qualities he wants in his would be life partner, then all kind of girls have the equal possibility to get selected by that person as life partner but when he thinks of particular qualities he wishes to have in his life partner, then all the other possibilities except his specific thoughts about qualities gets eliminated and his wished partner is materialized in the physical world.  This means he gets his life partner as he had observed in his mind in the form of thought waves.

The above examples to some extent are self explanatory about ‘possible thought waves’.  Now as the law of attraction gives us like experiences in response to our thoughts, we should understand here that as we get things or life experiences as we observe in our mind, we get negative experiences too as we observe in the mind.

For example, a person wants to marry, however instead of thinking about good qualities he wishes to have in his life partner, he constantly thinks about what he does not want in his life partner.  Here he is observing negative qualities about life partner in his mind and that results in materializing that in physical world by attracting the life partner with negative qualities which he does not wish to have.  Whatever we observe in our mind whether negative or positive [with more energy or focus], we attract it to us.  So it is very important to focus on what we wish to have rather than what we do not wish to have, always.  Use the possible thought waves in creating what you want rather than creating what you do not want.  Power is with you only for creating your life [positive or negative].


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