My intuition prepared me for exam in just one week.

On 28th February I appeared for my Post Graduate Diploma Course on Cyber Forensic, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Cyber Law, the exam was very good.  It was my first experience of online descriptive exam with case studies and all.  Online exams which I have appeared till that day were generally MCQ based, however this was some what different because they were descriptive papers with 3 hours time limit [including submission of forms confirming appearance in exam and result delivery].  This was 1st semester exam and was really important.  As this area of profession is of my interest, it was really interesting exam.  Exam went very well though one week before the exam I was not sure whether my exams will be good.

For 1st semester, there were 6 months for preparation for exams and also submission of assignment for 100 marks which was required to be submitted before the date of online exam.  As it was my 1st experience, it took a significant time in completing the assignment along with my full time employment.  With god’s grace, my assignment was submitted one month before online exam.  From the institute from where I am pursuing the course gave us two dates for exams from which we were supposed to select one and intimate the institute about the selected date 15 days before the exam.  I was mentally prepared to appear for exam in March-15 instead of Feb-2015 but I was late in intimating the date and my exam was auto scheduled by the institute on 28-Feb-2015 which was a shock for me because I was not prepared well for exam.  When I received a mail from Institute about this auto scheduled date, I was on official tour and just while randomly checking my mail, I got this one which instantly blew my mind.  There were only 15 days at my disposal to prepare for exams.  As I was not at well prepared for the exam, got tensed about how to complete the syllabus in 15 days.  After some anxiety, I relaxed myself, some where it gave me an indication that Universe pre-poned my exam so there must be some good in it.  Instead of more worrying, I decided to give my best in studies and appear for exam.  On returning home from official tour, I started preparation for exam but looking at the books, my self confidence went down because it was not possible to finish entire syllabus of 1st semester in just 15 days.  First 4-5 days I read some topics randomly but could not get surety about what I am reading and whether it will help me in exam.

Again I visited the online students portal to check the syllabus and to my surprise the syllabus as given in the books were not all covered in 1st semester.  This made me quite relaxed but still there was lot to read which was not possible to complete in 15 days, also typing practice was needed as it was descriptive online exam.  Till now we had always written descriptive exam manually so time was not a problem but this was on computer so typing speed looking at time limit was very much necessary.  So with reading, everyday I needed typing practice.  This made me more tensed.  Now only one source of guidance was there and that was Universe [God].  I prayed to god for guiding me to prepare for exam in 7-8 days.  After praying, an instant thought came to my mind.  I took out my working book and sat on the chair in my living room closing my eyes.   I recalled the topics what I studied in past 6 months and wrote them.  The list consisted some 16-17 topics which I studied.  I decided to revise only those 16-17 topics for exams and not to study any new topic because that would unnecessarily increase my tension.  Further, there were some 2-3 topics which were new but my intuition told me to read those topics, so I did that.

When I read those 2-3 new topics, don’t know how but a strong feeling came that my preparation for exam is over now and my performance will be good.  I revised all the 16-17 topics as well along with these new topics.  Everyday I practiced writing answers on laptop for enhancing my typing speed.  It was quite relaxed feeling after revising those topics though they did not cover the entire syllabus.  Finally the day of exam arrived and I appeared for exam from my home.  I was not surprise but was immensely happy to write answers for each and every question and case study because what I had revised in last 2-3 days was asked in exam.  The topics which gave me strong feeling of perfect preparation for exam, were actually asked in exam and I was delighted when  questions appeared on the screen one after another.  Universe guided me perfectly for preparing for the exam in such a short time.  That was possible only because of positive thoughts and belief in god and my intuition.

Now waiting for the amazing results.  I am sure result will be amazing.


3 thoughts on “My intuition prepared me for exam in just one week.

  1. Thank you for sharing these steps to prepare for an important exam. I have heard that the Step 2 CS exam can be a very difficult test if you are not properly prepared. Like you said, “read thoroughly everything about the test before you start preparing for it.” It is important to know what you will need to study before you actually start. I have had a couple friends who have taken this test, and they wished they were better prepared. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Christophe,

      Thanks for reading, appreciating and getting positivity from my experience. Yes…it is always important to first understand what need to be studied before we start study. I wish you all the best for your upcoming exams. Believe in yourself and give your best. Rest leave on god.


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