In today’s world of tech-messengers, people from all the age groups are obsessed with messaging may it be whats app or hike or Facebook, etc.  I really appreciate those messengers for their incredibly cost-effective messaging facilities especially for people communicating their near and dear ones overseas.  All would agree that these facilities are like a blessing for today’s generation which includes all the age-groups, even senior citizens are now well versed with the messengers.  But with increasing use of these messengers, people have lost communication in-person.  Even though staying in same country, city or location, people communicate through messenger.  We wish our near and dear ones on birthdays and anniversaries, etc. by texting or on Facebook most of the time.  Though people have contact nos., they text instead of calling.  It is very much fine to message our near and dear ones for wishing them on any occasion or sharing fun messages or jokes or images, however when it comes to genuine communication, people still use messaging.  Why?

There is no harm in messaging but when we message some one, we forget that the person on the other side might be busy or he/she may be at some place where he might not be able to read the message, he/she might not be in a position to instantly reply our message but we expect immediate reply and if he/she does not reply soon then we tend to think otherwise unnecessarily.  We start thinking, why he/she is not replying? he/she does not have time to see my message and when we see that blue color tick in whats app, then oh god, he/she read my message and still not replying?  More to this negative thinking, instead of giving one call to understand the other person’s position for not replying, we think, why I should call, if he/she does not want to talk, why I should call? our ego comes in between the otherwise amazing relationship.

Even in case of birthdays, festivals, or any other occasions, instead of messaging, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we call the person and wish him.  We usually do not get time to call our friends and relatives in our busy schedule but we can grab these wonderful opportunities to talk to them and wish them good wishes.  It feels so amazing hearing the voice of our near and dear ones and you would agree that this feeling is far more amazing compared to texting and receiving text replies.  The main cause of damaged or not so good relationships today is “Communication”.  Lack of clear communication creates unnecessary assumptions in our mind about the behavior of the other person and eventually this problem breaks the relationship.

In past few years, I have learned how clear communication makes relationships really amazing.  Instead of texting, I usually prefer to call the person may it be any reason.  Messengers are only for fun messages in my cell.

Clear communication is the most important thing to learn and develop to make relationships amazing and enjoy the best of all relationships.


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