“Good Morning” Magic

One fine morning at work, instead of writing blessings in my gratitude journal in my PC as I almost everyday do, a thought came to my mind to look for feel good images on Google.  Before starting my day’s work, immediately after starting PC, I opened internet browser and typed “Good Morning” in the search box on Google.  The moment I pressed enter, lots of “Good Morning” images with wonderful messages appeared on the web page.  All of them were so amazing with all colors which gave me a fantastic feeling and as I was glancing through each and every image and reading the messages in the images about wonderful morning, my feel good frequency was going high in the air and I was feeling amazing.  I continue going to next pages on and on and my expression was wonderful, I was smiling so much that literally my jaws got paining but could not resist smiling.  The “Good Morning” feeling was so amazing and within around 10 minutes, it started showing magic.  After 10 minutes of looking at those “Good Morning” images and feeling good, the office boy came in our department for offering us tea as he do everyday but something was new that day.  As soon as he entered our department, he wished me “Good Morning Mam”, I was surprised and so happy to hear this, he never wishes any one generally but that day don’t know how he wished and that to only me, and that was not enough for experiencing the magic, as I went out of my department for some work, each and every colleague meeting me that morning wished me good morning before I could wish them, isn’t it amazing?  I did not expect this magic to be so instant.  Really law of attraction is amazing.  If one positive thought and feeling could do this magic, then just imagine how powerful constant positive thoughts would be and needless to say, as the morning was amazing, the whole day went fantastic.  Now a days every day of mine goes extremely well and in rare cases i feel low but that too its temporary because life is amazing and we cannot spent valuable moments in unnecessary worrying for our negative thoughts.

That day it was really an instant “Good Morning” Magic…it was awesome.


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