Yes!!! She really made a difference

In one afternoon few days back, I was sleeping at home.  As presently we have summer season gradually showing its colors, it was a very hot afternoon.  Sun was at its peak.  It was a weekend and off at work, so was having a cool & pleasant sleep as

That day I realized the heat quite more because at work we have AC but not at home.  However, in the room in which I was asleep was pretty cool.  In sleep, I heard a voice saying “Please give me food”.  I woke up suddenly but my eyes were closed.  In closed eyes I paid attention to the voice, again it came “Is there any one, please give me food”, it was voice of a lady.  In the peak summer, she was asking for food.  She was not having food to eat, it was around 3 pm.

I don’t know why and how that one voice effected me so much.  It was an instant feeling of deep gratitude flowing in my soul for the god with whose grace, I have this blessed life with all the comforts of life, awesome food to eat everyday, amazing family & friends to live with, job with awesome work and money.  The lady was not having food to eat and was going door to door in the peak summer at 3 pm for one time food, don’t know what problems she must be facing.  This is not the first time that any such person had come to ask for food, but that day something was different.  Mom gave her food, which must have satisfied her to some extent for one time meal but her situation made me realize how blessed I am.  God has given me so wonderful life.  I have developed an attitude of gratitude to some extent in last 2 years but the sense of gratitude her voice flowed in my soul was an unexpected experience and it was an instant feeling which might not come even when I bow down 100 times while praying.  I did not see her but yes her voice made a difference in my life.  A current passed my body when a thought came if I were to face such a situation?  It scares even thinking about facing such a situation.  It is god’s grace that we are in a far better position in life.  She made me realize again, how blessed I am to have this wonderful life and that this life should be utilized to the fullest towards the purpose for which we are here on this earth.

Yes!!! She really made a difference.


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