Reader’s Choice – 3 Love Yourself


These are not mere words, they have deep meaning and valuable message for us.

Every person on this earth is unique.  Every person has something that no other person has on this earth.  All of us have some positive and some negative qualities, no one is perfect in this world.  We as a person should first accept ourselves as we are, we should not try to become some one else, like I am Gargi, people love me as ‘Gargi’, Gargi has a unique identity for which she is loved.  If ‘Gargi’ tries to become some other girl then will she be able to live her life to the fullest?  No. because she is ‘Gargi’ she cannot be any other person.  Similarly, you as a person are unique.  You are magnificent.   You have something that no one else in this world has and that ‘something’ you have to identify and that you will be able to do only if you love yourself.  Love yourself the way you are.  Treat yourself the way you want the world to treat you.  If you love yourself, the world will love you and if you dis-respect or dis-approve yourself, then the world will dis-respect or dis-approve you because the law of attraction mirrors back what you give out.

When you feel dis-satisfied about any part of your body or any quality of yours, you are giving out the negative thought waves of dis-satisfaction and which in return attracts more and more dis-satisfaction and gradually you start dis-liking yourself and eventually people around you starts dis-liking you.  When we give awesome thought waves and feelings about ourselves, we attract awesome responses from people around us.  When we feel bad about ourselves, we attract negative responses from people around us.

Before you fall in love with anyone on this earth, first fall in love with yourself.  When you get up in the morning and see yourself in the mirror, your face should glow, glow means glowing with gratitude and love for you and your very existence.  Every time you see in mirror, you should fall in love with the person in the mirror and that love should come out from bottom of your heart.  If there is something that you want to improve on your part, then first accept your present, accept the way you are today.  Unless you accept you as you are today, you cannot expect positive changes in yourself because when you accept the way you are today, you express gratitude towards yourself and Universe who created you.  Gratitude has immense power, it can move mountains.  Those who have experienced can very well agree with this.  On the contrary, when we are dis-satisfied with ourselves, that means we are not grateful for what we are today.  We are not grateful to the Universe for our existence, our identity, our positive qualities and ungratefulness attracts more and more negativity.

We all are magnificent, we all are really amazing human beings and that amazing feelings we have to cultivate in bottom of our heart.  To give ‘LOVE’ is the easiest thing in this world.  It is so easy to give love and compassion.  It is so easy to express kindness and good feelings, isn’t it?  It feels amazing when our heart is full of love?  When we are full of love, love overflows and reaches the world and then the universe which in turn returns to us 100 fold.

LOVE YOURSELF, its the amazing feeling and that will come only when you experience and feel it yourself.  And when you love yourself from bottom of your heart, you will see how magically you attract love from all the directions.  Look into the mirror and say out loud “I LOVE YOU …. and then your name”.  Just try this and see the magic.



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