Reader’s Choice – 2 Law of attraction for success in exams


The word is quite scary?  It is actually not.

EXAM fear is nothing new for many people.  People here would mean students and their parents.  Till now, we have seen not only students but also their parents fear about exams.  Students though study really hard, tend to worry about their performance in exams.  Even though they remember everything what they study but in exams they forget.  It is not that they are not intelligent, neither it is that they do not study well. The reason of fear is “WORRY” of bad performance.  “WORRY” for something which has not happened.  “WORRY” for unseen situation.  Students who fear for exams tend to worry about how they will perform? Will they be able to remember everything studied? Will they be able to finish the paper in given time? Will they be able to answer all questions properly and fairly?  All these questions starts worrying them and their anxiety is seen in there behavior which in turn makes their parents worry for their performance in exams.

Some students are always confident and do well in exams and score good, whereas some students tend to fear exams in spite of studying well which results either in low score or fail result.

When we worry about our performance in exams in spite of our hard work in studying the syllabus, we unintentionally create in our mind what we do not want.  When we worry, we unintentionally think about bad performance which is not a reality but a negative thought in mind.  By giving out negative thought wave and fearful vibrations, by law of attraction [LOA], we attract what we don’t want and thus we score low or fail in exams.  For those who fear or worry for exam, sharing here some useful inputs on how to apply law of attraction intentionally for getting good scores in exams, study well and face exams with full confidence and enjoyment.


Step 1:  Everyday write at least 5 things you have right now in your life for which you are thankful to the Universe [like your family, friends, food, water, sunlight, house, money you get for your needs, computers, phones, your job, if you are working, your car/vehicle, good health, good sleep, etc.].  Start with words “With all my heart, thank you so much god… and then write the things you are grateful for.  When you write the reason for being thankful, you feel grateful from bottom of your heart and that creates immense power thereby attracting more and more good things in life.

Step 2:  Spare 1 minute a day, visualize the end result which you want for your exams. Relax and close your eyes and see yourself jumping in joy and telling your family and friends about your desired score in exams and your pass result.  Feel the joy of passing in your visualization [imagination].  See yourself at the place NOW where you wan to reach.  Feel the joy of passing with desired score NOW and give thanks to the Universe for your passing the exam with desired score.  Then open your eyes and feel good about your vision/your goal.

Step 3:  When you are done with visualization, you have given out thought waves with the frequency of passing the exam with desired score and that will in turn attract the same in your physical reality as your pass result.  When you feel the joy of passing in your visualization as real that means you have created your pass result in meta physical plane and in your real life you will actually see the pass result.  After visualization, you will feel 100% confident for your good results and most important your belief in yourself and your efforts would be high.

Step 4:  After this 1 minute visualization, continue with your studies.  There is no substitute for studies. Give your 100% in your studies.  You will see the change in you.  Now you will surely enjoy your studies and appear for exams without any fear because you know you will pass.  Do not discuss with your family or friends about studies being boring or tough.  Do not give your energy and focus on what you don’t want because when you talk or discuss negative things about your studies or exams, you unintentionally attract negative results.  You can paste a target mark sheet with your desired score on the wall above your study table and everyday look at that mark sheet and give thanks to the Universe for your amazing performance in exams and your desired results.  You have to study with all your heart.  After doing above steps you will see how positively you study because when you create your amazing results in your mind, you actually set the law of attraction into motion and the Universe sets all the forces to deliver your desired results to you in reality.  For this the signs are, your positivity towards your studies and the worries and fear disappears.  Your self confidence goes high, you feel good about studies and exams.

Step 5:  No need of visualizing everyday.  If your belief is strong after you visualize for the first time, then no need to do it everyday.  Just give thanks to the Universe for your desired results with all your heart everyday when you pray.  For those who have not felt that strong belief in their pass results, it is suggested to continue with visualization everyday for 1 minute till your vision about your pass result is crystal clear and your good feelings are at highest frequency.  I have experienced that whenever I visualize about my dreams coming true, tears roll down my eyes because the feelings and visions are so clear and it feels so real that I cannot identify whether it is in mind or actual.

Step 6:  Keep your positivity maintained till the results are out.  Do not doubt Universe whether it will deliver your desired results.  Have deep faith in yourself, your hard work and the almighty god.

Step 7:  Receive your amazing results.




20 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice – 2 Law of attraction for success in exams

  1. Hello there, I have completed my exams I know definitely i passed but I need A’s to get into my college. I am really scared that I may not get these grades.

    Will LOA work after doing exams and what shall i do. Please help as i have revised so hard!


    1. Hi,

      If you have done your best and you believe you will pass thrn definitely you will pass. Visualize every day whenever you feel good. Visualize a scene as if you have already passed your exams with As and you are sharing the good news with your family and friends. Feel joyful and excited when you visualise. Visualise everyday untill it feels real. It will strengthen your believe and also give positive signals to the Universe. Apart from this, be happy with your present life. Appreciate and be grateful for all ypur blessings in all the areas of your life. Have faith and trust in the Universe.


      1. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you are doing well. Visualization can be done often if you enjoy doing it. If at anytime if beomes obssession or you feel desperation, then skip it. Your aim should be to feel joyful.


    1. Hi, thank you so much for the appreciation and encouragement. I am glad you got valuable insights from my blog post. All the best for your exams. I am sure you will do great. I am surprised to the know the name ‘TheAnxious’. Why did you choose this negative emotion for registering your account? Is there is any specific purpose?


      1. I am going through a huge neurological treatment (treating OCD,Depression and Anxiety). It’s been a hectic year after I failed in IPCC May 2017 even after studying like hell. It is time to do it again and this time with a lot of positivity and Law of Attraction ofcourse. (Thanks for pointing out how negative the username is. I’ve changed it.)


      2. oh okay. But you know what Life is much more than this. I became CA in 2008. I know it is not easy to clear CA, however, it is important to know that only positivity is strength. So being optimistic will help you to study in correct direction. One benefit in CA exams, is you get attempts and actually when you go for job or practice, attempts dont count much. So, don’t worry. Have faith in yourself and God, visualize your success, feel good, be grateful for your blessings and study. Perform best. You will surely succeed.:-). And thanks for changing the name, I am happy that I was able to help you. Keep reading, keep loving and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel about law of attraction. Spread the word. My channel name is Gargi Akolkar. Thanks!


    2. Can I please know the techniques you used (related to Law of Attraction) when you used to study or clearing exam?

      I am doing meditation (visualization) and I’ll start affirmations and self talk really soon. Anything else would be really appreciated.


      1. Hi, I would like to inform you that when I cleared my CA Finals, I did not know about the law of attraction, however, I indirectly did few other things that helped me to study well. I have shared all the things that I did, in my video on Law of Attraction and exam success along with general tips that have always worked and are very important. Here is the link.. kindly watch the video. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment on the video. Also, kindly share the video and subscribe if you like. Thanks.


    1. Thank you so much Vishma. First of all I am not Sir, I am a girl…and I am really glad that you visited my blog and got benefitted. I wish you all the best for your exams. Give your best and God will do the rest.


  2. Thank you so much….You are always a great source of motivation for me..The day I started reading your blog I started using LOA in my life and I am getting the desired results too..Wish to read more and more from you..Thanks again..


    1. Thanks a lot Apurva for your encouraging and appreciating words. I am really happy that you are doing really good in your life and my blog posts are giving your positivity and inspiration. When I started this blog, I had only one aim and that was spreading joy in this world. Making people realize how magnificent they are and only they can create their dream life. They have the power. We are happy not because we experience happy moments in life, happy moments come into our life because we are happy now:-). Live in the present because present is the only reality. My aim of this blog as mentioned above will continue till I am in this world:-).

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