Reader’s Choice – 1 Manifestation through ‘Creative Visualization’

‘Creative visualization’ is a tool which lets you manifest your desires may it be small or big in this physical world.  Visualization is being used by many great people in this world since long and today with the growing knowledge of law of attraction, the power of thought and creative visualization, many people [layman like us] are manifesting their dreams into reality.  Here we are talking about ‘Creative Visualization’ because creative visualization is always positive.  We can manifest our dreams with creative visualization.  If we try to manifest something to hurt any person or nature or our self, then we are trying to create a negative things ie. we are misusing our power.  When we try to misuse our visualization skills and power, to manifest something negative then we are giving out negative thought waves and vibrations into the universe which will attract negative vibes to us.  So the one who gives out negative thought is the only who gets back the negativity in the form of negative life experiences.  So its important to understand that the power of visualization should be used only for good purpose for self and others [if that other person also wishes that].  We cannot create something in other person’s life against his/her free will.

Every person on this earth would be having dreams like dream job, dream education, dream marriage, dream house, dream vacation, etc.  Universe has given us power of positive thoughts and feelings to create our dream life.  Many people, right from the beginning are comfortable with visualization techniques even though they might not be knowing anything about the Universal law of attraction.  But they have been using visualization and law of attraction unintentionally for manifesting their dreams into reality.  Of course, for making our dreams come true, we need to work, we need to act continuously but the act or the work should be with the correct mind set and all our heart because that would give us correct direction to go ahead for achieving our dream.  Suppose, a person is searching for a job desperately, he wants job at the earliest but rather than going on with the correct mind set and positive thoughts, he is continuously applying haphazardly in all directions thinking that after applying at 50 places, at least one interview call will arrive but what happens is exactly opposite, no interview calls and disappointment.  At every stage in life, positivity is required to face challenges and reach our dreams.  For last 2 years I have been using visualization for manifesting good things in life for self and others and I have got success at every step and some of the manifestations are on its way as the perfect timing is known to the Universe only.

For those people who do not know anything about visualization or who are yet learning the visualization techniques,  here sharing some important stuff about this technique which is inbuilt in every single person on this earth.  Everyone of us is having  this power of manifestation.


Step 1:  Write down your dream or your goal.  Be specific what you want. [job, career, relationship, money, house, vacation, etc.].  Be crystal clear what you want.  When you are clear with your goal, go to step 2.

Step 2:  Take out 2 minutes in a day, the time of your choice.

Step 3:  First 1 minute, relax your mind and body.  Feel good about the surrounding atmosphere, the place where you are sitting and  feel peaceful.  After relaxing, visualize your goal as if you have already received it.  See yourself in the situation where you will actually be when you will reach your goal.   Suppose you wish to work in a particular company, then see yourself working in that company, see every detail in your vision.  See yourself going into that company, reaching your desk, wishing good morning to your colleagues, enjoying your work, etc.  See everything moving, means the images in your mind should not be stagnant, it should be moving like in a real life.  When you see yourself working in that company and see everything as you would see in real life, then you will feel it as real.  You will not be able to differentiate that you are in your imagination or you are visualizing in the mind, you will feel it as if you are actually working in that company.  When you feel it as real, you will feel the joy of working there even if in reality you are at your home but you will be radiating the frequency of working in that company now and by doing this, you are actually creating this in the metaphysical world.  Once you give out the joyful feeling about receiving your dream job for a minute, your job is partially done.

Step 4:  After visualization is over, get back to your routine.  You will now see change in your way of looking things in your life.  When you visualize your dream as if you have already received it, your belief in your vision, your goal, your dream becomes so strong, your this creation in mind and heart goes out to the Universe, and the universe sets all forces into motion to create your visualization, a reality in the physical world.  What you believe, you receive.  So when you believe in the beauty of your dream, you will receive it.  Visualization not only creates the things [your dreams] but also makes your belief strong about achieving your dreams.

Step 5: Grab the opportunities Universe will give you for achieving your dreams and act timely.  Continue to work towards your dream in the directions which universe will guide you.  For this you need to be alert all time to understand universe’s signals to go in correct directions.  Live in the present because only the present is reality.

Step 6:  Do not doubt on the capabilities of the universe to manifest your dream.  Some times it may happen that what you visualize would manifest in short time but some manifestations may take time.  Generally when people see that what they visualized is not manifesting, they tend to doubt in Universe.  It is important to maintain positivity for your dreams all time because the moment you start doubting, you are giving out negative thought waves and that creates hurdles in the way of Universe.  It is like you are getting into the way of your own dreams.  Your task is to give out correct thought waves, feelings and gratitude through visualization and perform your day to day tasks with all love and devotion towards each task without thinking about HOW and WHEN Universe would manifest your dream into reality.  Let Universe do its task, let universe manifest your dreams in the best possible manner and at the best possible time.

Step 7:  Receive your dream into reality.

Those who have not yet tried manifestation through visualization can try with something small like attracting a cup of coffee or a particular ball or a balloon or a car, etc. which you have not seen since long because when it manifests in reality you can recognize that it was you who created it or attracted it through your visualization.

Power of visualization and gratitude is awesome.  Just try it.


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