Expected gift in an unexpected way….Universe is awesome:-)

The incidence which I am sharing here occurred around six months back.  In 2013, on my birthday, one of my friend presented me a wrist watch:-)  It was really a beautiful surprise gift.  I was really happy.  Everyday at work I would wear the watch and feel so good.

After about one year, while I was at work, I don’t know when and how my wrist watch fell down somewhere.  I searched in all areas around my desk, corridor, canteen way and other places I visited that day.  I was really upset.  All time I would think of the watch.  It really meant to me because it was a gift watch.  I would not have mind much if it would have been bought by me.  I informed security persons at our factory and other colleagues to inform me if they find my watch any where.  I lost the watch somewhere on the way to my desk I suppose.  Two-three days went off as it is with out any information about my lost wrist watch.  I was hopeful to find it some where in office premises and did not go for a new watch.  But after 4 – 5 days also, I could not find my lost watch.  I just prayed to god and said that the person who has found my watch, if he/she needs my watch more than me, then please give him/her my watch and if not then return it to me.  When it seemed that I will not get the lost watch now, I decided to buy a new one:-).   I started feeling good about buying a new wrist watch.  I felt that the one who might have found my watch would be needing it more than me and so without any more disappointment, I decided to get the new one.

As soon as I decided to buy a new one, suddenly a thought came to my mind and I asked universe to give me new wrist watch as gift because the one I lost was received in gift:-)….. You must be thinking how greedy…again I want a gift watch?…but trust me this thought was a sudden thought, I don’t know why and also I was not sure that whether I would really receive a gift of wrist watch.

With full mind set of buying a new watch, feeling joyful I went home in evening from work.  I planned to visit the shop in coming two-three days and buy the watch.  The time I reached home in evening, I totally forgot my request to Universe for a gift watch.  I even did not tell this to any one in my family nor in my friends circle.  When I reached home, mom informed me that while cleaning almirah [cupboard], she found a gift envelope which was presented to me 3 years back by my aunt on some occasion and that gift envelope was kept as it is.  I had not opened it and all forgot about it until mom found it while cleaning.  And guess what?  The gift envelope was containing INR 1001:-))).  Mom said take this gift envelope and the very first thought came to my mind was my new wrist watch.  I told mom that I had asked universe to present me a new wrist watch in gift as I had lost my gift watch.  I was really very surprised and joyful how fast Universe responds.  I had given the request in the afternoon and Universe gave me gift money in the evening the same day.  Wow!!!!

In weekend I went to mall and bought a really beautiful wrist watch with that gift money.:-)  Cost was INR 1300 in which INR 1000 was a gift money and INR 300 mine:-))) Universe financed 76% of cost with gift money, so for me that was gift of wrist watch.  Below is the pic of my new wrist watch I bought with gifted money:-)))) Its really beautiful…have a look.  Its been over 6 months now using this watch:-))))


I am really blessed and grateful to Universe for all the gifts I have received till now.  Many people tell me that do you only receive gifts or are you interested in giving presents.  Whenever I hear these words, I just smile because I love to give surprise gifts.  And universe gives me even more than I expect every time.  Giving is receiving.  I receive because I always give my best whole heartedly and in return universe gives me awesome pleasant surprises.  Universe is so fast and perfect in its response.:-)))


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