Dreams are given for a reason

Everyone in the world dreams.  Everyone has a dream in life because dreams are given to us for a reason.  There is difference in ‘Living in dream’ and ‘Living the dream’.  I am here saying about ‘Living the dream’.  People some times tell me that “Gargi, stop dreaming….live in real world….don’t live in the world of imagination’.  The world is not good the way you think, come out of imagination…

I am grateful to all those persons who cares for me, so they tell me all those words.  I have always been the person who dreams and does everything needed to fulfill the dream and I always succeed because of only one thing and that is believing in my dream with all heart no matter what the world say.  I have learnt many things in life and also I am continuously improving for better everyday and in everyway.

One day I saw a sentence about dream some where which really inspired me.  The words were “Do not tell people about your dreams, show them your dreams”.  This means, when you live your dreams, the world around you automatically gets inspired and uplifted for achieving their dreams.

You all must be thinking that why I am discussing all these stuff here:-)  Today I am discussing this is because I want to tell you all that please dream, use all your love and imagination to dream.  When you dream then only you can make them real.  Dream for yourself, the society, the world and the Universe.  Use all your creativity in creative imagination and do something for this world that makes you valuable even after you leave this world forever.

Dreams do not come to our heart deliberately, dreams are heartfelt wishes which comes automatically because god gives us the reason to live in the form of dreams.  Can we imagine our life without any goal?  Can we think of doing a task without any reason?  Can we live without having any single desire or wish in our heart?  Can we?

Answer is ‘No’.  Every human being has a wishful heart because that’s a god gift.  Here I am talking about good hearts having good wishes for self and the world.  We are given our dreams and a wishful heart who believes in the beauty of our dream because god has chosen every individual to perform some tasks and that he/she only can perform that.  So we all have different dreams.

Living a dream is possible only when we believe in our dreams.  I always follow my heart because it guides me in correct way always.  Every person has their own perception of looking at life and everyone is free to choose the way to live their lives as they wish.  Every person on this earth would be willing to live their dreams.  To live the dreams, there are four easy steps.

Step 1:  Dream.

See your dream clearly.  Be clear what you want.  Be specific in every detail what you want.  Have a crystal clear vision about your dream.

Step 2:  Believe

When your vision is crystal clear, believe in your dream.  Believe that your vision is a reality and not imagination.  Believe that you can actually manifest your dream.  Believe that Universe is there to move all the forces perfectly to achieve your goal.  Believe that there is nothing in this Universe that can stop you from achieving your dream.  The step of believing is crucial because what you believe you receive.  To make your belief strong, imagine/visualize yourself having already living your dream.  Give the feelings of joy NOW as you would give when your realize your dream in physical world in future.  Give the positive thought waves and feelings of receiving the dream NOW even though you have not received it now. For say one minute, close your eyes relax and visualize that you have received your dream and feel joyful and thank Universe for giving you the dream in reality.  Give heartfelt gratitude.  When you visualize and feel as if you have already received your dream/achieved your goal, then your belief becomes strong and you initiate all universal powers to work towards achieving your dreams.

Step 3:  Act

When you radiate the correct positive frequency and vibrations through your thoughts and feelings, Universe starts sending you all the opportunities in the form of people , things and positive circumstances which would take you to your goals.  Grab those opportunities the moment it comes to you, do not wait and reach your dream/your goal.  For this you need to be alert all time to understand Universe’s signals and guidance.  Live in the present.  Only present is the reality:-)

Step 4:  Letting Go

Giving up on dream and letting go of dream are very different aspects.  Giving up is accepting that I cannot achieve my dream, I cannot do that and letting go is doing your best towards achieving your goal and letting Universe to manifest your desire in the best possible manner.  Letting go is ‘act and give your 100% efforts, let go and not to decide how and when your goal should be realized’.  Many times we see that people put their 100% in the work towards fulfilling their dreams and decide their own time limit and when in that time frame if the actions does not show the fruits they tend to get discouraged and lose belief in their dreams.  Instead, those who live their dreams, do not give up on their dreams because they take time in manifestation.  If something is not working out in the time frame we decided, then just appreciate that the correct time has not yet come.  Rather than giving up on dreams, when you have performed 100%, when you have acted as was required and given all your efforts in work, surrender everything on Universe.  Have faith and patience and let Universe work out for you everything in the perfect manner.

Step 5:  Receiving

See your dreams coming true with you very eyes:-)  Jump with joy.  Celebrate your dreams in your real life.  Receive your goal with all heartfelt gratitude to the universe that it sent 100 fold opportunities to you for one single thought of your dream:-)))


Life is beautiful, the world is beautiful.  Universe created a beautiful life, a beautiful world but we have made it bad through our ungrateful hearts towards magnificent creation of the Universe.  We have been ungrateful towards god’s blessings to us.  If we really appreciate good things in our life and this world, we will realize that life is indeed beautiful and the world is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Dreams are given for a reason

  1. Hi.. Gargi.
    DAT was very nice blog
    Motivating. Believe in ourselves, our dreams.

    Not give up d Dream but letting go of DREAM.

    LIVE D LIFE OF UR DREAMS… Superb, Awesome.

    I have one question for you. You have excellent vocab. Can just make out from ur writing. My question is TIME. How do you get so much TIME in this busy busy LIFE

    Pls share some tips regarding d same.

    I just loved this blog. I can corelate my life to it. I have given my 100+ %. I have surrendered myself to UNIVERSE.

    I want to experience magic of LOA.


    Pls keep up d good work. Actually you should have been a WRITER.

    Thanks & Regards


    1. Wats DAT purpose GARGI…
      Generally people write blogs to share their experiences, views, social awareness, welfare.

      Thanks & Regards
      Sap TEAM LEAD


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