Manifested a snake unintentionally…Ooops!!!!

Thoughts are so powerful…amazing!!!

On 20th March 2015, while going to canteen for lunch in our office [factory premises], I saw a rubber tube which was hanging over a parapet of the building near the canteen.  As I saw the rubber tube, it resembled like a snake hanging on the wall, exactly like a snake but I knew that it was not a snake and was a rubber tube of black color.  That moment a thought of snake came to my mind as the rubber tube resembled a black snake.  Thereafter me and my colleagues proceeded to the canteen and then to our respective desks after having lunch.  After that moment I totally forgot about the snake and the rubber tube I saw on the building.

On 22nd March 2015, ie. after 2 days, it was Sunday and I was relaxing at home.  In the afternoon, when I was asleep, I heard some noise. I just woke up and tried to find out what happened.  I heard our maid [maasi working at our place for washing utensils and clothes] telling to my mom that there is a baby snake in our house compound.  My mom and dad rushed outside and me too to see the snake.  It was a baby snake of black color.  We did not know whether it was a poisonous one.  It was very fast moving here and there.  Normally the area where we live, snakes rarely come and that too in monsoon and as far as I remember we have not seen any snake for last many years, not even in monsoon.  So all were surprised that how come snake arrived in summer.  When I saw this baby snake, I immediately remembered the thought which I gave for the snake two days back at office when I saw the rubber tube resembling the black snake and I was quite amazed by the response Universe gave by showing me the snake.  That afternoon, I could have continued sleeping and missed the view of the snake but it was important for me to see it because I gave the thought of snake and the snake appeared.  In office that day, the moment I saw the rubber tube resembling a black snake, somehow I felt that since I have given the thought I will see the snake in coming days but then I totally forgot and the snake appeared after two days in the most unexpected manner and at the most unexpected time.

Universe is amazing


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