I attracted a Lizard unintentionally:-)))) I was not scared….hahaha

Few months back, on a fine day I was going to my office.  As I was few meters away from the gate of factory premises, one of my colleague overtook my vehicle.  As he overtook my vehicle, I saw something on his shoulder.  It was a lizard on his left shoulder and he was not aware.  He was driving a bike.  The moment I saw the lizard, I was shocked.  This kind of scene I had never seen.  I was really scared because he was not aware and before I could say anything he drove fast ahead of me.  So other than looking, I could not do anything.  Like me, other people on the road who saw the lizard on his should were in the same expression.  Mouth open…Aww!!!!

That colleague entered the factory premises before me and then all the people there, were really scared and amazed both at the same time when they saw the lizard.  It was quite a grown up lizard, I mean big one.  the moment people in the office premises saw it, all stared at him thinking that how to tell him as he was driving and he might fall down if we suddenly tell him that there is lizard on his left shoulder.  When he approached to parking area, one person stopped him and said there is lizard on your shoulder…Oh god..the moment he was informed, he was scared and just jumped out of the vehicle, the vehicle was about to fall as he left the hands over the vehicle but the lizard fell down and ran away, so he got his breath back…uff. God….what a scene.  This scene was quite amazing to me, amazing in the sense that he was unaware of the lizard and we were not able to help him while driving.  It was good that the person at parking stopped him.:-)))  That day all the time this lizard scene was discussed in the office and all were really surprised.  While discussing the lizard scene, I thought since we are discussing this, I would attract a lizard.

That same day in evening, at home when I was closing the door at the back area of the house, it was dark in the kitchen.  Since, I had to close the door only, I did not switched on the lights.  As I held the door handle and was closing the door, a baby lizard fell down from the top of the door touching my hand a bit.  As it was unexpected, I was quite scared but then I saw it was baby lizard and I smiled.  I said, today I discussed about you and you are here right in front of me…hehe.. I immediately recalled the discussion me and my colleague had at work and how it all started in the morning.  It was an amazing experience of unintentional attraction through the law of attraction.

You might be thinking, is this house or a jungle?  I would say it is normally to see lizard in or near by house walls but to know and realize that whatever we see, only we attract that, is amazing:-))))


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