Identified mistake and scored 100% through visualization and gratitude

Universe is just awesome.  Positive thoughts and gratitude can move mountains.  For the first time I used visualization and gratitude to score 100% in my exam.

Few months back I was doing an online course on Data Privacy Law and this course was basically for gaining knowledge in the field and an additional certification towards my dream career.  I put my all 100% efforts in studying for the subject.  I read all the study material and prepared well for the exam.  It was an online exam and as till now I had scored 100% in all my online exams in this field, I was probably sure that I will score 100% this time as well.  I was not aware of the exam pattern of this exam.  I thought like other exams, this will also be a multiple choice questions [MCQ] and I will have to select the one correct answer from the choice given.  One more good thing about this exam was, since this was for learning purpose, the students had unlimited attempts available to score the passing percentage and that was 70% score but I was sure that I will score 100%.

On the day of exam, I appeared online for exam and there were 10 questions.  Each question was having 5 options to select.  I thought it to be MCQ pattern and read the questions one by one.  After reading the 1st question, I looked at the options given.  As I saw the options, I realized that more than one option were correct but as I thought that to be MCQ, I selected only one option in each of the 10 questions and happily pressed the submit button and what I saw… I scored only 10% out of 100!!!!  I failed because minimum passing score was 70%.  I was quite surprised to see 10% score.  No. of attempts were unlimited.  So I again appeared, read all the exam instructions and questions etc.  Then I realized that we were required to select correct answers even if they are more than 1.  So I selected more than one option in each of 10 questions and submitted the answers.  The result was 20%..:-(

In this exam, we were not allowed to review the question and answers and identify where we made a mistake so that we can correct it.  I again appeared for exam and this time score went to 30%.  In this way in 5-6 attempts I reached up to 70% trying to analyze each option I was selecting and where I could go wrong.  On 70%, I passed but I did not want the certificate for 70%, I wanted 100%.  I told to myself and my parents and friends that I will apply for certificate only after I score 100% marks.  I did not know how it would be possible because after I scored 70%, I appeared for 4-5 times and each time the % remained constant at 70% and I was not able to identify where I was making the mistake.  I read my study material again thoroughly and other reading material and tried to analyze what options I had selected till now and where I am making a mistake.   I again appeared for exam, this time I made it to 80%. Now I was bit confident and happy but still 20% were less.  In next 2 attempts I scored 90% marks….Oops!!! Done a lot hard work… but still I was not getting 100% marks.  I really tried hard and did all to again go through the study material and exam questions and options but could not.  I was quite depressed, I was not getting any idea where I was making mistake and which answer was wrong because each question was of 10 marks and 1 answer was wrong so I was scoring 90%.  I tried my best to do all efforts but could not score 100%, then I remembered about visualizations and gratitude and I had heard that many people had scored good marks through visualization and gratitude.

Up to 90% score, the result web page would show an orange bar and at the end of the bar would show % of score obtained.  I then closed my eyes for a minute and visualized a green bar with score 100% and gave heartfelt thanks to god for 100% score.  Then I opened my eyes and again with all positivity I appeared for the exam.  This time again read the questions very carefully and all the given options.  As I was going through the options, suddenly I realized where I was making a mistake, I corrected the mistake and checked all the answers again and pressed the submit button.  To my utter surprise the result webpage showed GREEN BAR and score 100%….I was like Aww!!!! Yes I did it:-))))  I was so happy.  Though it took many attempts but I scored 100% finally and applied for the certificate.  As the question answers were not available for review to see where I made mistake, it was difficult to identify mistake and improve but visualization and gratitude did the miracle.  It was not that I did not study and only just visualized to pass.  I had studied really very hard but was not able to understand the question answer pattern in the initial attempts and then was not able to identify my mistake.  As I was not able to go beyond 90% score, I was more and more focusing on ‘not getting 100% score’, so I was attracting the same score [ie. 90%] constantly.  But when I visualized 100% score and gave thanks to the Universe in advance for giving me 100% score, I set the law of attraction in to motion deliberately, when I gave out positive thoughts, universe helped me to identify my mistake and correct it and finally score 100% marks:-)))  This is the power of gratitude and correct thought waves and feelings given out.  Universe was knowing where I was making mistake and which answer was incorrect but to let me know that, Universe needed a correct frequency and that was when I did visualization and gave thanks in advance for the desired score, I finally succeeded, rather I would say my patience and hard work paid off:-))))


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