Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction

Law of attractions (LOA) is physical law of Universe like other laws such as law of gravitation.  Today most of the people in the world are totally unaware of the law of attraction and many have heard or read about it but do not believe or are having some misconceptions about the law of Universe.  In this blog post I would like to clarify the misconceptions people have about law to help them understand the law in a better way.  I am writing this not because I want to force them to believe in the LOA.  My aim of this blog post is to just clarify the misconceptions which people have expressed to me whenever I have discussed about this law.  This is my effort to help people understand the law in a better way.

Misconceptions and their clarifications:

1.  Many people think that this whole concept [LOA] is meant for lazy people, who do not want to work and live in imagination –>  Firstly I wish  to clarify here that LOA is not a concept, it is the factual law of Universe that whatever you give you receive.  Whatever you sow, you reap.  It is not that LOA is meant for lazy people.  People may think that by imagining a car I want, how can I get a car? I have to work and earn to finance my car.  How just visualizing driving a car would get me a car.  Now here it is necessary to understand that visualizing driving your desired car and feeling it real as if you have already received your car and you are driving, gives out powerful thoughts of having the car now, which brings towards you all the people, circumstances and things which would take you to your dream car.  Our mind [subconscious] cannot differentiate whether the car is actually with you or its just a thought.  Our mind considers it as really and eventually you see your desired car in your compound in future:-).  You may think that it will take around 2-3 years to arrange for finance to buy your dream car but by giving out appropriate thoughts and without thinking about time it may take to manifest your car, surrendering everything like how and when you will get you car, on the Universe, you set the universal power into motion and you would see how beautifully universe manifests the car in you future life.   We have to work for achieving our dreams but correct positive thoughts and belief in our dreams is required to make dreams real.  Correct thoughts given out, attracts to us correct people, circumstances who helps us achieve our dreams.

2.  People may think that by deliberately applying Law of attraction or power of thoughts, we can create others’ lives –>  Answer is “NO”.  We cannot create anything in other peoples’ lives unless they also wish to have it.  I mean we cannot create anything in others’ lives against their will.  Suppose a person is ill and we give positive thoughts for his wellness then it will work and he will get well because for any unhealthy person, to get well is his wish also.  So it will work.  Suppose our friend is doing good at job and we wish for his good performance and promotion at office then it will work if that person also wants a promotion.  Suppose a guy likes a particular girl and wants to marry her but if that girl likes some other guy or is not willing to marry the guy who likes her than by deliberately applying power of thoughts, that guy cannot get that girl or marry that girl it would be against that girl’s will.  One more thing that to manifest your desire, its important for the Universe to keep everything in harmony.  Giving out positive thoughts and correct feelings is our work, how and when to manifest the desire is Universe’s tasks and universe is capable of manifesting your desires in the best possible way.

3.  Power of thoughts can be used for hurting anyone –>  Answer is “NO”.  When we give out thoughts and feelings which are intended to hurt anyone or even hurt ourselves then they are negative thoughts and each negative thought given out would attract to you negativity in future.  Negativity can be in the form of health issues, relations issues, financial loss, theft, insult, defamation, stress, etc.  So it is important that always give out good thoughts and feelings for yourself and the world.  Love is the eternal force in the universe.  Give out only love:-)  and receive love 100 folds.

4.  The books written about LOA are just doing marketing to earn money –>  People who have read these books and understood that they create their life and no other person, they have transformed their life by really putting the gratitude in their life.  They are creating magnificent things and situations everyday in their life.  They are spreading joy and positivity around them wherever they go.  Many people have came out of chronic diseases and depression through gratitude which is the most important aspect taught in these books.  They are helping other people improve their lives everyday.  These books costs very less compared to the value of knowledge and wisdom they give to people.

I hope, I have clarified some misconceptions about LOA that will help all to understand the law better.:-))))



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