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We saw in my previous post that how a person attracts debt by focusing on debt unintentionally and creating more and more debt situations by worrying about present debt situation and thinking and observing negative situations if debt rises which is not actually in present.  By thinking and observing, he is actually creating negative situation to be manifested in the physical world.

If we focus on lack of money, we give out thought waves on the frequency of ‘lack of money’ and that attracts like frequency that means more of ‘lack of money’ situations.  So now the question is how to attract money instead of ‘lack of money’.  It is very simple though it may seem difficult for a person who is actually facing the debt situation.  But trust me if we have an open mind and willingness to change our life, we can do that by intentionally applying law of Universe in our life because even if we do not believe in this law, it is working all the time and responding to our thoughts.  So why not use this knowledge and wisdom to create a blissful life for us and for the whole world.

Now we come to the point.  How to attract money?

Along with the our day to day work [our job or business or profession etc.], it is equally important to feel good about money to attract money.  You can see many people having lesser income than you, may be living a more good life than you financially.  We also see where people gave their all heart in their job or business but still they are not able to attract the money or we can say abundance in life compared to their counterparts who are on the same level.  Why is it so?  The difference in the two persons is ‘Feelings about money, feelings about abundance’

There is only one thing that attracts money and that is ‘FEELINGS OF ALREADY HAVING ABUNDANT MONEY’.

Unless we feel good about money, we cannot attract money to us because when we are not feeling good about money, we are focusing on ‘lack of money’, means the feeling ‘I do not have enough money’.  Feeling good about money releases a thought wave on the high frequency which attracts the like frequency.  That means the frequency which has ‘abundant money’.  If you are feeling good that you have enough money,  you are releasing thought wave of ‘abundant money’ say frequency ‘P’ and this thought waves on frequency ‘P’ travels in the universe and due to its magnetic field, it attracts the things already existing on frequency ‘P’ and that is ‘abundant money’.  So you attract money in this physical world.  I have experienced that when I am feeling good about money, I attract money:-) in the form of cash or bank transfer or discounts or gifts or free payments for me by friends or other persons.  I get cash from some one whom I had helped with payment or I get refunds of payments I had made or I get cash or bank transfer in the form of bonus or gift, etc. 🙂  I get money from genuine sources more than the amount which I wanted and in the most unexpected ways which I would not have thought of.  Universe gives you money in the most suitable way to fulfill your need unless you allow universe to do its work in its own way.

How to feel good about money?

Some times when we are in not so good situation financially, it feels difficult to feel good about money.  I totally agree with you because I have experienced that but it is not at all impossible to feel good about money in any situation of financial crisis or setback.  It is possible to feel good about money by the following steps and I feel it is inevitable to feel good about money to attract money.  Focusing on abundance can only attract abundance, there is no other way.  Even if one is in financially good situation , he/she should continue to express gratitude for good things in life.

1.  Most powerful and high frequency thought wave is the ‘feeling of being thankful’.  “Thank You” are not simple two words but it has immense power to move mountains.  Till now if you have not done anything like counting blessings, then start today and gradually make it a part of life.  Take a journal or a book or a piece of blank paper, you may use your word file in your PC or note pad in your smart phone or I-phone or I-pad or a tablet or a simple phone.  You can use anything on which you can write comfortably.  Write at least 5 things which you have right now in your life for which you want to thank god [Universe] for giving that thing to you.  When you start writing about things you are thankful for, you are not only writing on paper but you are focusing on that good things which you presently have in life.  When you write it one by one with all your heart, you are radiating thought waves with high frequency in the universe and once they are radiated in the universe, the thought waves starts attracting the things already existing on that high frequency and what are those things?  Those things are what will make you joyful because joy is always on high frequency.  When you complete writing at least 5 blessings, you will feel good and positive and will start noticing the power of gratitude.

2.  After you are done with this writing, just relax your mind and heart for few minutes.  Feel the peace of mind for some minutes.

3.  Now close your eyes and say “Thank You for the abundance, thank you for all the money I have been given throughout my life.  Thank you for the money”  while you say this in your mind or say out loud, feel grateful as if you have already received the money.  Radiate the frequency of ‘already having abundant money’ and then see how money flows to you easily:-)))

4.  When you express your gratitude and give out a feeling of ‘ already received the money’, do not think of how and from where you will receive the money and when you will receive the money.  Just believe and have faith in Universe that you will receive the money for your need in the best possible way.

When you are done with the above points, continue with your day to day routine, give your best in all areas of your life with all your devotion.

If possible, continue to write your blessings in all area of life everyday [at least five].


Everyday express gratitude for all the good things you already have in life now and then see the magic of  power of gratitude and faith:-)))


4 thoughts on “Attract Money

  1. Very very nicely put in to words… I’m highly impressed the way Gargi didi u explain daily problems which are generally occurring in u think every one’ life…Truely inspiring n gives one a very very motivational n positive approach towards life… Feeling happy and blessed to be the part of this group and getting to learn beautiful things . Regards … Neha from Amritsar .


  2. Really good article for living in presence and showing way for change of perception towards money likelihood and showing also different between greed and need

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for appreciating the blog post and encouraging my efforts. Its true, I have learned from my experience and with the scientific knowledge that when we feel good about money, money flows to us easily:-)))..


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