Like attract Like…….see how our thought create our life [with hypothetical examples]

Till now we have discussed the formation of living beings and non-living things in this Universe.  We understood that everything in this universe is energy with different magnetic fields [Universe comprises of meta physical as well as physical world] and that everything we see in this physical world was first observed in the thoughts and then manifested in the physical world [Quantum mechanics principles].  Now we will see how our thought creates our life.

We know that our thoughts are of various kinds, a human being’s mind goes through around 60000 thoughts a day.  So you can understand that these 60000 thoughts would be having different frequencies, vibrations and magnetic fields.  One cannot monitor each and every thought going through the mind, so the best thing which recognizes whether we are thinking positive or negative things, is feelings in our heart.  We cannot feel good and bad at the same time.  If we are feeling upset, depressed, disappointed, irritated, anger, jealous, ego, proud, unhealthy, bore then we are feeling bad.  All these are bad feelings.  Bad is nothing but lack of good feelings.  When we feel peace, grateful, loving, amazing, good, receive encouraging comments, appreciation or compliments, healthy then we are feeling good.  These all are good feelings.  Our heart gives us signal about what we are thinking now, by those good or bad feelings.  If we are feeling good then we must know that we are thinking good thoughts and if we are feeling bad then we must be aware that there are going negative thoughts in our mind and as soon as we realize that we are thinking negative we should make all efforts to switch to positive thoughts and feelings.  We should not try to control negative thought, instead we should try to divert towards positive thoughts because in the process of controlling negative thoughts, we are actually focusing on negative and resulting in more negative thoughts.

Law of Attraction works like this….see below [tried to explain through example]

1.  A person is having lots of debts.  He wants to repay all his debts.  Due to increasing debts, he is worried about how he will pay the debts.  Day and night he is worried and thinking that I do not want more debt, how the debts are increasing, how I will pay, from where I will get the money to repay the debt, I have limited sources of income, how I will get rid of debt.  He is persistently thinking of how to get rid of debt, I do not want debt.  The person is continuously releasing these thoughts in the air [universe] with a particular frequency & vibration say frequency ‘A’.  These thoughts are invisible to human eye, they are in the form of waves.  These thought waves travel in the universe.  As these thought waves are traveling on frequency ‘A’ with a particular magnetic field, it will attract the waves which are already there in the universe on frequency ‘A’ because magnetic field means magnet and magnet attracts other magnet [i.e. other waves having magnetic fields on the same frequency].  A thought wave on frequency ‘A’ cannot attract a wave on any other frequency but only A.   Now we come back to our example.  The person is continuously releasing thought waves of frequency ‘A’ and that thought wave travels in the universe and attracts the waves on frequency A already existing in the Universe due to its magnetic fields and electric charges.  The waves on frequency A which are attracted are the same which were released by the person’s thoughts.  Those waves are attracted to the person who released the thought waves on frequency A which results in more of debts situation rather than receiving money because on frequency A there is debt and not money.  Debt means lack of money or say feeling of not having enough money to pay off the debts.  So as the person is giving out thoughts of not wanting debts, he is attracting more of debts.  Unknowingly he is attracting more and more of debts.  This process is called law of attraction.  Law of attraction is very faithful.  It will obey you undoubtedly.  It responds to your thoughts 24×7.  Law of attraction does not understand that you are not wanting debt.  It does not understand that you are thinking about debt with intention to clear the debts.  The law of Universe is responding to the thoughts which you are continuously emitting with frequency A.

Law of attraction says “Like attracts like”.  The thought of particular frequency would attract waves [energy] already existing on the same frequency in the Universe in the meta physical realm [place or world].  When those waves [pure energy] are attracted by the thoughts given out, they take form of our life experiences in future.  The person thinking of getting rid of debt, attracts more debt situation in the physical world.  He is creating the situation [his future life experience] by giving out thoughts NOW.  What we think and feel now, we see them in the physical world as our future life experiences.

Here we can understand quantum mechanics, the person who is giving out thoughts of not wanting debt or lack of money to repay debt is continuously worried about future situations.  Though the future is yet to come, he is observing or picturing bad situations in advance which he thinks that would happen if he is not able to pay the debts.  By picturing or observing the situation in the mind, he is actually setting the sub-atomic particles into getting a form of matter that is visible to him in future in the form of life experiences i.e. more of debt situations.   We should understand that each and every living and non living thing is made up of sub-atomic particles.  One more important aspect of Law of Attraction is that the conversion of thought into life experiences are not always instant.  It depends on how powerful the thought would be.  The law takes time to convert thoughts into things.  So we always have a chance to change our future life experiences by changing our thoughts NOW if we are aware of what we are thinking now.

As we are the creators, so we can change what we create.

In my next post we will see, how the person not wanting the debts can actually use law of attraction deliberately to become debt free.  We will also see other examples on how we tend to attract negative life experiences unintentionally and how we can create a life of our dreams, life full of abundance intentionally.   Till then c ya:-)))))


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