Got missing bag through positive thoughts, vizualization and gratitude

This year in October me and my parents went to Rajkot for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. During stay there and many times my dad and other family members would discuss about railway journey and especially missing or theft of luggage. I tried to convince all to discuss good things which feels good rather than theft and missing luggage but no one listened. On our return journey from Rajkot to Baroda also discussion was about that. We reached home at 12:30 am in auto from station to home. As usual dad paid to auto and we entered our home then we recognized that 1 of our bag was missing. It was in the auto and auto had already left. It was dark in auto, dad thought we had taken the bag and we thought dad will take the bag and no one took it out from auto. Bag was also of black color. This resulted in hot argument at home..all blamed each other for not taking out bag from auto and being careless..but I was bit cool..I told mom dad that you all were always focusing on and discussing missing luggage so you attracted it, but now cool down just be positive..we will get the bag back tomorrow and be grateful that bag does not have any valuables..while going to sleep I just visualized bag in our home and told myself that if the bag and things in that are really needed by that auto driver then it will be his otherwise he would return it. Next day dad was upset because of bag. In evening, when dad was doing some work..he visualized that the auto came and driver gave the here i just want to make clear that dad does not much believe in my views about thoughts and all..but it was an automatic visualization he had and the very next moment the auto actually arrived at our home and the driver returned the bag as it was with all things in that..we were so happy and thanked god a lot and also got a lesson to be careful next time, even in thoughts.


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