3 Red Cars:-))))

Universe is awesome, anything is possible for god. Every time Universe surprises in its amazing way. It was 2nd Feb 2015 and I was really amazed for what I saw, my expressions were Aww!!! I was shockingly surprised.

Here is what happened…Two months back while returning to home from office, I just thought, how wonderful it would be to see three cars in red color driven in one row, one after another. It was just a tiny sudden unexpected thought and for few seconds then I forgot.

On 2nd Feb 2015, when I was returning from office to hotel at Pune, I was in car and listening to my favorite songs. Suddenly, three cars one after another over took our car, I just saw them casually and to my utter surprise wow, they were three red color cars of different brands driven one after another. All the three overtook our car and were driving just ahead of us three in a row one after another. Then I remembered about my tiny thought and I was smiling. I was shocked because usually we would not see such a scene. To make it more amazing, after some time, one more red car of different make joined the three red cars, now there were four red cars one after another driving on a road just ahead of our car. Wow…wow..wow… All four cars were perfect red…exact same color…its amazzzzzzzing….Universe I love you.


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