We attract what we focus on

We attract the things, people or circumstances as life experiences what we focus on. Have you wondered why there is constant rise in crimes though there are numerous laws for each type of crime in the world today. Why there is rise in prices, why there is increase in diseases and health issues inspite of lots and lots of research being made in medicine and new medicines being made every day in this world. Why?

Why this world and earth is experiencing what it does not want? Because we attract what we focus on. Focusing gives energy and energy creates the reality. Constant focus increases the energy levels and continues to manifest the thoughts focused on, a reality. When this focus is done in mass, large groups or say collectively by people, the thoughts and vibrations gains tremendous energy resulting in creating the things in this physical world which we do not want.

Focusing / discussing crime or inflation or terrorism gives energy to these negative things and the negative energy given out attract the like things which are on the same frequencies, to the physical world, resulting in more and more crimes, inflation and terrorist attacts to discuss. Focusing on solutions will attract solutions. The one who cannot provide solutions should not at least increase problems by focusing on the problems. For example, corruption or crime. People see news on TV or hear from anyone about any crime or corruption or politics. They do not have solutions to these problems, still they discuss these topics and gives lot many negative thoughts to these. Giving out negative thoughts brings more and more such problems in this physical world because thoughts becomes things. One more example, few years back when I was not aware of the Law of attraction or power of thoughts, I used to discuss such issues every day. In case I see any accident or hear or read about any such incident, I used to discuss them with my family and friends and that created more such discussions by my family and friends with their friends and acquaintances. Such discussions were focusing on accidents and not on safety, that gave rise to more and more accidents which those people including me, would see or listen or read in news etc. some times we also attracted accidents to ourselves while driving. At that time I was not knowing that we attract life experiences through our thoughts. Recently, few days back, I saw an accident and a lady was heavily injured. She was taken to the hospital. I was quite disturbed by this but I did not discuss this with any one because it was not needed unless that lady was any person known to me. I tried to restrict giving energy to that negative incident from my side which atleast to some extent restricted more such incidents, because if I would have shared this with my colleagues or family or friends, they might share they own such experiences and the topic would get elaborated. This discussion would not reduce accidents but will increase them because of energy given to them through our thoughts and words.

If we see our great personalities in this world, have you thought of why Mahatma Gandhi supported ‘Non-Violence’. Why Mother Teresa was always present in ‘Peace rally’ instead of Anti- rallies (ie. rallies against anything like Anti-terrrorism or Anti-corruption or like) Why they did that?

There is deep meaning in this wisdom. Our great personalities were aware of the power of thoughts.

Quantum Physics explains the law of attraction through scientific discoveries.


4 thoughts on “We attract what we focus on

  1. Hi… Gargi,
    I had one query regarding your blog. WE ATTRACT WHAT WE FOCUS ON…
    Is it applicable to all aspects of LIFE.??? I don’t think so…
    Throw some light on this point especially w.r.t LOVE LIFE..
    Clarify and give valid justification for the same…

    Thanks & Regards
    Ajinkya Bangali


    1. Hi Ajinkya,

      Thanks for reading the blog.
      Yes. The Law of attraction (LOA) applies to all aspects of life. To analyze that whether the law applies to all aspects, it becomes inevitable to first understand the law of attraction and how it works. Unless you understand the law, you cannot get answers to your queries. LOA applies to relationship also and so to Love life. People make mistakes in understanding the law. When you have a certain desire and you delibrately apply LOA but still you are not getting what you want then it is because you are not letting your desire go, may it be money, relationship or health or anything. When you tend to hold on something that means you are focusing on not having your desire or how you will get your desire. You need to understand that if you are not getting your desire that means Universe has better stuff for you but that better stuff you will attract to you only if you are letting it go. Once you let go and surrender to Universe and be grateful for other aspects of life, you will see that Universe will deliver you your desire. Holding on something or forcing something to happen is a negative frequency because you cannot force anything to happen against other’s will. You cannot create other’s life, you can create only your life. Only once you have to give out your wish to the universe and allow universe to deliver it to you in the best possible manner. In case of love life as well the same applies. Allow Universe to send a perfect partner to you in the manner that Universe wants. Universe knows your wish your desire your expectations, let Universe decide what is best for you and how to manifest that best. Do not declare Universe what is best for you, let Universe decide whats best for you. People use intentional LOA to manifest their desire and all time focus on their desire ignoring other good things in life. You need not focus on your desires 24×7, its not needed. Focus only once and then allow Universe to give you the best of your desire in the best possible manner. I hope, I have clarified your query. If still you any doubts, look for my coming posts, you will surely get more insights in the Law of Universe.

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