It was a thunder storm……. I survived (Part 2)

On 6th August 2013 I was admitted to the hospital in the afternoon. Doctor immediately started drips. Looking at me on the drips, finally tears rolled down my mom’s eyes, her strength broke down but my Bhabhi and cousins made her relax and tried to relieve her tension. My eyes too got wet but I did not show that to mom and with a big smile told mom that I am absolutely fine and that just acidity was increased otherwise I am fine. I tried to relax mom and was quite successful:-) She got her strength back:-) For 6 days I was kept on drips continuously. My health improved with antiacid drips and the level of acidity got in control, however, at night I was not able to sleep properly due to acidity and all,though it was under control but still it was not fully cured. So when the assistant doctor would come to see me in the morning and at night I would inform them about the acidity and that I could not sleep properly at night [two different assistant doctors were there for day and night shift]. For 4-5 days this continued. I was not having any other problem than acidity. The assistant doctor started giving me sleeping pills. When he started the first dose, I asked him for what he is giving me the medicine and what kind of medicine it was. He told that it will help me relax and sleep propery. Before starting dose of sleeping pills, for two nights I was given sleeping injections, which were I think not required but as I was not able to sleep was having breathing problem due to acidity, mom got tensed and asked doctor what to do, so the night shift doctor was quite irritated and he asked the compounder to give me sleeping injection. Two nights I was given injections and the moment needle would pierce my arm, I would instantly fall asleep. After two days, the assistant doctor in morning shift started sleeping pills. Here, I think I made a mistake, I became weak internally and accepted the dosage of sleeping pills which actually I was not knowing them as sleeping pills. As my nervous system was perfectly healthy, the sleeping pills started showing serious side effects becasue they affect your brain and brain is driven by your nervous system.

After one day of dosage, in morning my mom went home for bringing food and in hospital I was with my sister’s mother-in-law and father-in-law. Both were with me besides my bed and one person from neighbour room had come to see me, we were chatting, I was laying on the bed. While chatting suddenly I started feeling weakness and like completely drained off. It started suddenly and within few seconds, intense breathing problem started and I was trying to breath hard. It was my first experience and I was not able to breath or speak. I started shouting as I was scared and held my sis’s father-in-law’s hand with full grip and asked for doctor. I thought I would not survive. Everyone in the room got scared and called the assistant doctor who had given me the medicines for sleeping. The assistant doctor checked my oxygen level and found it to be normal. I heard him saying that nothing to worry about and he told me “you are not going to die, see the oxygen level, its normal’ but my situation was not which could have been ignored. He gave me another injection to releive me from that attack. After few minutes, my breathing became normal. I or my mom could not identify that it happened due to those pills started the previous night. Whole day I was quite ok. i told mom about my attack when she came to hospital with food.

The same evening my elder sister and jiju [Sister’s spouse] with my 1 year nephew were coming to my city to see me in the hospital. My sis and jiju were staying in another city due to their jobs. They were PhDs in Microbiology and were aware of medicinal problems. Still they were not knowing about what medicines I was given. They arrived in the evening with their 2 year old son [my nephew] and were smiling. I was happy seeing them and my nephew, it was hardly few minutes I saw them and again I got an attack that I experienced in the morning. I was literally crying and begging to breathe. My sister and all got tensed and thought there is somehting wrong because it never happened before. Again the doctor was called and I was given injection to normal my breathe. It was like I would not survive without that injection. The main doctor was aware of all the medicines I was given daily because he also used to see me daily and get the report. However, he also did not say anything about those sleeping pills and continued them.

When my sis and all came to see me, that day was my 15th day in the hospital. Doctor told my sis, jiju and mom that I need to stay admitted for some more days becasue I am not well. I was well, I did not had any problem. My family told doctor that they want to take me home and I also wanted to go home. My mom was quite worried about those attacks and so was not sure whether to go home the next day but my sis, jiju and I was 100% sure that we are going home no matter what. I assured mom that I am fine, we will go home. The next day I got discharge from the hospital, some where I was also quite scared about those sudden breathing problems where only injection would survive me. We went home that morning.

After reaching home, I felt good and I spent my time with my 2 year old nephew. His smiling and laughing gave me an amazing energy throughout the day. That night, I took the medicines as prescribed by doctor and we were still not sure whether that the sleeping pills was creating the problem. I took the medicine and slept, it was aorund 11 pm. After around 1 hour, I woke up suddenly and realised that I got the attack again and now that I was not in the hospital, I was in my home. As I woke up, my mom and my sis also woke up. I was desparately trying to breathe, but was not able to. I started crying as I was not able to breathe, I told my mom and sis, take me to the hospital, I cannot survive. It was then mid night and could not go to the hospital. My mom and sis held my arms, one each and made me sit on bed. They were holding my hands tightly and continously telling me aloud to breathe deeply. I was trying my best to do that but that inner strength and will power was not there and I was saying ‘I am not able to breathe, I would die, take me to the hospital’ and I could hear only one statement from my sis ‘Gargi, breathe…breathe deeply…you have to breathe…try to sustain for atleast 20-25 minutes…you have to over come this…pass these few minutes and you will be fine, we are not going to hospital because it will increase the problem. You have to heal yourself, breathe..just breathe deeply…I and mom have held you, we are here with you…nothing is going to happen, you will be fine, just breathe.”…those words gave me an amazing inner strength to sustain that serious breathing problem and I tried my best to breathe for around 30 minutes. I fought with the situation and yes after around 45 mins, my breathing became normal, still my sis and mom were besides me holding my hands. As my breathe became normal, my mom and sis relaxed me and told me that now I will not have any problem. Then some how I realized that the problem started after the sleeping pills dose were started three days becasue the problem was not before that. I told my sis about those pills and we searched on the internet the next day and found that those pills are sleeping bills and are given to the patients having nervous system disorders. These pills affect the brain cells intensely with daily dosage. After reading this, we decided to discontinue the medicine and we went to see our family doctor which was not available for past few days. Firstly, our doctor scolded us because we went to other doctor and that my health got bad with this medicine but we explained him that it was urgency and his non-availability which made us approach other doctor. He then asked me to reduce the dosage because sudden stop of sleeping pills would create problem. So gradually it needs to be reduced and stopped. Within next 4-5 days the medicine was reduced and stopped finally. After stopping the pills, all the breathing problem vanished. My breathing was prefectly fine and even my sleep was really very very good. My other medicine also were gradually reduced and stopped by our family doctor, he said I do not need any medicine and that the doctor has given me unnecessary excess medicines.

After around one week, I was absolutely healthy and was eating perfectly:-)))))

I survived the thunder storm:-) I passed my most difficult test of life. I overcome the high tides only because of my dearest mom, my dearest dad who gave his full moral support through daily phone calls all the way from Tanzania, my dearest elder sis, my dearest jiju and my cousins. If these people were not there, I would not have survived. I am extremely grateful to my family who saved me and to god who gave me such a wonderful family. My whole life would be short to do anything for them. And ya…I forgot to tell you guys and gals, I celebrated my birthday in hospital which was on 08th August:-)…I am smiling becasue though I celebrated it in hospital…all my family was there with me and a cake and gifts from my dearest friends who came to see me in hospital giving their valuable time. Thanks a ton to all:-)

I have learned many things from this experience which I wish to share with you all.

1. Take medicine or see doctor only if it is genuinely needed
2. Try to heal yourself, if possible, avoid taking medicines.
3. Take medicines with full stomach only, never on empty stomach.
4. Avoid taking pain killers
5. Believe in yourself. Do not blindly follow any medicine prescription. Try to understand what medicine you are been given and why.
6. Never lose your willpower in any situation, no matter what challenges you face in life.
7. Appreciate your family, friends and people around you, appreciate and respect relations over materialistic things, after all material things are part of life but family, friends and people are our heart of life. I always loved my family and this incidence increased our bonding with eachother more.
8. God does not come in any astral form or any super hero type form, he comes in the form of normal people like us. Try to see god in your family, friends and people around you. If you see with your heart, you will see god.
9. Always focus on good health and abundance, rather than problems and stress, after all they are pitty things which never last long.

I hope, I gave some positive insight towards life by sharing this experience of my life:-) Bye for now:-)))) Keep smiling and laughing :-)))))


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