Fancy dress competition – I was in Class KG 2 :-))))

This experience is really funny.  Today also whenever I recall this experience and discuss with my family, we all laugh till our stomach starts aching:-))))))

Flash back to class KG – 2…I was 5 yrs old…I think:-p….for the first time I participated in a fancy dress competition.  It was the first stage performance of my life….hahahah…I am laughing because I had become a CLOWN in fancy dress competition and I was supposed to laugh on stage making funny faces and making audience laugh.  My mom and all family members really made lots of efforts to teach me how to do funny things for making audience laugh out loud.  My mom and my aunt dressed me perfectly in a clown’s outfit…I was wearing a colourful capri trouser and a pink and yellow combination T-shirt with colourful decorative ribbons and a bright yellow cap with a upside down cone shape and with a perfect funny make-up….Oh god I was looking so awesome funny:-))))))))  Really a perfect clown as we see in circus.

On the day of competition, me and my mom and all family members went to school.  All were so excited about my first performance.   Then the time came, my name was called and I went on the stage….and I was facing the audience for the first time…so many children and their parents were looking at me and teachers too and of course camera man focusing on me and amazing thing happened.   Instead of laughing or making people laugh, I even did not fact I was about to cry due to nervousness.  I was damn nervous and I was standing in front of mike with crying facial expressions…don’t how to explain you all…you can imagine me:-)))).   As I made bad nervous and crying expressions in front of all without uttering any single word…just standing still….camera man was smiling and taking pictures…he was smiling can you imagine and to my surprise I stood 3rd in the competition….hahahahaha…I was surprised and my family too.   I got 3rd prize for crying…hehehe…  Today also when I see that photo which our school gave us, I really laugh out loud…it was so hilarious moment.  That was my first and last stage performance where I got nervous.  After that experience, I participated in fancy dress competition every year and I got 1st prize every year:-)))))  Also in various debates and poetry recitation, etc.  and till now I really enjoyed numerous performances but this experience I would never forget because it was my first and cute one..:-))))))))


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