It was a thunder storm……. I survived

Before sharing this experience with you all, I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my family – my mom, my elder sis, my jiju (sis’s spouse) and my cousins who saved me.  It was their inner strength and faith which gave me strength to survive.  They all have given me new life and I believe that god does not reside in temples or idols, god is in each member of my family, my friends, my near and dear ones.

It was 5th August 2013, I came home from office at around 6:30 pm.  I was not feeling well since morning.  I had acidity problem from past two – three days.  That evening as I was not feeling well, I did not had much food.  Me and my mom were alone at home.  Dad was out of India for two months at my aunt’s [dad’s sis] place in Africa.  I was having headache due to I think acidity.  It was 11:00 pm, me and my mom went to bed but I was not able to sleep due to headache.  I was quite restless and so my mom because I was not well.  Mom suggested me to take medicine for pain relief but I denied as I had not taken dinner much and on empty stomach I do not take medicine.  So mom called at my uncle’s place [my dad’s elder brother’s house] residing in next lane to our house, and talked to my two cousin brothers about my ill health.  As our family doctor was not available that night, my cousin brothers called another known doctor and talked to the assistant in the hospital about my headache and asked whether medicine can be taken for pain relief.  They also informed that I had not had my dinner so can I take medicine.  The assistant at hospital informed on call that yes I can take medicine with milk, no issues.  However, I was not feeling like taking medicine because my stomach was empty and it was already acidic so taking medicine might worsen the health.  But finally I took the medicine, as from hospital it was informed that take half tablet with milk if not wishing to take medicine.  My brother told me that if I am not feeling well, they can any time take me to hospital if I want to see doctor.  I said, not needed, I will be fine.  My brothers were busy in their official work as they were having their own business and usually worked late night at home.

I took the medicine and then tried to sleep.  Mom two-three times confirmed whether I am feeling well after taking medicine, I did not want to disturb her and so inform her that medicine will take time to cure headache, at least half and hour, so relax I will be well.  I told her to sleep, but she could not because of me.  After around 15 minutes of taking the medicine, suddenly body acid started rising and told mom about heart burn and tried to mentally and physically relaxed without any fear.  Before I could think anything, within next 5 minutes, instantly and rapidly the body acid shot up to my throat within no time my throat was burning like fire and I started collapsing.  I speedily got up from my bed and told mom to take me to the hospital immediately other wise I would die.  I told mom I am collapsing, please take me to the hospital.  Mom got scared but without letting me know that she was scared, strongly she made me sit on a chair.  The time was 3 am in the early morning and no one can expect any auto or taxi or any help of vehicle from neighbours as well.  Mom called my cousin and informed him about my serious health.  He and my bhabhi (cousin bro’s spouse) immediately came to our house and I was taken to the hospital immediately.  I laid in the backseat with eyes closed and mom was ….no need to say what a mother can feel in situation like this, especially when dad was not available.   We reached hospital at 3:45 am, doctor was not available but their assistant doctor were available who were doing night shift.  The assistant doctor gave me medicine, anti acids and two injections instantly and I was asked to rest in the hospital for an hour to see if I feel ok with the medicines.  I fell asleep immediately after taking injections. My mom and cousins were with me.  I could only hear the, my cousins were giving strength to my mom to handle this situation.  Every mom is strong to handle any situation but when daughter is suffering, we can understand it needs much more strength to face the situation.

After around 1 hour, I woke up and was feeling better and we returned home and I was supposed to see doctor the next day.

Next day I was immediately admitted to the hospital after getting my endoscopy done due to urgency for giving drips of anti acids.

What happened in the hospital, will share in my next post.  I always share my good and amazing experiences with you all, but this experience I am sharing because this has given me a new life and I have learned many things from this experience.

See you in next post:-)


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