It said ‘Science’, I did ‘Commerce’…

Self belief is the most important thing in our life.  We can excel in our life and live our dream life only if we believe in ourselves and our goals than any other person.  I would like to share my experience regarding this.  Since childhood, I was never interested in reading my horoscope or showing my horoscope to astrologists for knowing my future, etc.  I could hardly remember, last when I saw my horoscope.  I always thought that how other person can tell me my future or how he/she can predict my future life, after all they are also humans and they have their own limitations.  I mean they are not god.  My likes, dis-likes, my goals, my nature, my heart, my mind, everything which I have…I am better person to know myself than any other person on the earth.  I always thought this way and today also I think the same.   My parents also very rarely referred to my horoscope or showed my horoscope to anyone.

I did my graduation in Bachelor of Commerce in 2003 and completed my Chartered Accountancy in 2008 and commenced my career as a CA and as on today doing very well in commerce field.  When I completed my CA, one day just out of no where I got to see my horoscope.  I was doing some work and I got my horoscope in a bag and took it out to see.  Well, when I opened it and read the predictions written in it for my life, I was amazed:-))))

The predictions about my life were written when the horoscope was prepared, that is when I was born.  When I was a newly born infant, my fate was written on the paper by some one else.

I took out the horoscope and red the stuff written in it about my future.  It was written that I will excel in Science field and study in Science.  When I read that, I smiled in a surprise because I had done commerce and I was excelling in that.  I did contrary to what was predicted for my life.  When I joined commerce in standard 11, I was not knowing about what was written in my horoscope.  When I joined CA and was studying, that time also I was unaware of this prediction.  Even my mom dad did not remember what was written in horoscope.  I saw my horoscope after I became a Chartered Accountant.  Had I seen that before my matriculation and if I would have believed in those predictions, I would not have been a Chartered Accountant today.  And if I would have seen that before joining commerce but would not have believed in that, it might have been a bit difficult to ignore those predictions and go ahead with my wish and my interest.

The point which I would like to share is I excelled in my area of interest only because of my belief in me and my parents’ belief in me.  When we lose our self confidence, we tend to knock the doors of astrologists and like people to know our future, to know, do we have a good future?  whether our problems will be solved? etc.  and we do according to what we are asked to do.  I am not against any profession like astrology etc. nor I am against horoscope and importance of planets in our life.  Its just that I feel self belief is the thing which makes our life worth living.  If we believe in our self, then only we can excel in our life and can face challenges which in turn grow us and makes us strong.

I just wonder, many times a thought came to my mind.  I think about those children who are not born with a good fortune as far as their birth is concerned. Yes I am talking about those kids who are put to orphanages or who are found on roads or dustbins alone and are taken care of by NGOs and other kind people.  Neither those kids know exact date and time of their birth, nor the NGOs know their birth day or time, so that means they might not have horoscopes and no horoscopes means no future????   Are they having no destiny?….Is it that such kids when grow up in adults don’t excel in their career and in life?  Answer is …they do excel in their lives…they get a good life.  This thought always ignite in me an urge to believe more and more in myself and do what ever I feel correct to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.  I am really blessed to have parents who always believe in me and who always support me in all areas.:-)

I hope my experience would help people to understand that they are the creator of their life and no one can predict their life.


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