We declared a defeat….and it came

I wonder Law of attraction (LOA) is so faithful.  It doesn’t know what you say is what you want or what you do not want.  You get what you give.

This is my experience about how me and my team unintentionally attracted losing a competition through our words.

While writing about this experience I am not upset but rather I am smiling because I am just wondering that how faithful LOA is…just amazing and this has taught me that we should be aware of what we think and speak every moment.

Some time in 2013, when browsing face book, I saw one post regarding the Young outstanding managers competition organized in our city.  I just read that post and then forgot about it.  After around 9 months in May 2014, one day at my work, I was called by VP Finance and was informed about a competition in which I was selected to represent our company at the competition with other team members [employees form our company].  It was Young outstanding managers competition organized in our city.  It is organized every year and what I saw on face book post was about previous year’s competition.  In 2013, our company was participating and I was the team leader for one of three teams participating from our company.  Many other companies were participating and it was quite a good competition for us.  All the three teams were given choice to select the topic provided by the organizing committee.  We also selected a good challenging topic and started our preparations.  Our management was having lots of hopes from us from this competition.  As every company feels, ours also wanted that we should win the competition.  At least one out of three teams should win.  We all were very excited because all the teams were participating in such competition for the first time and we were looking forward to learn many new things and were happy and excited to present our topic in front of other industries and juries.

Me and my team were so excited about the participation, we did not pay any attention to what we were speaking.  We were to prepare for the competition along with our every days tasks at work.  So we managed to spare some time for this competition.  After we were given the topic, we started preparing for it the next day because my team members were having some important meetings and were not available that day.

Next day, I  was having meetings and was occupied almost all day and was not able to spare much time for the preparation so my other team members told me that as they were not having much work that day, they would start preparation and will update me.  I said ok and discussed about the topic on phone.  We were happy about the participation and me and my colleagues in excitement said such words that attracted our losing the competition.

In all excitement and with enormous happiness we said it loud  “We will learn many new things participating in the competition and if we lose, we will lose with pride”  [in hindi…..”Haarenge to bhi shaan se haarenge”].  We said this words with all joy and excitement and we were on so high frequency that we were not having any idea that we spoke about our defeat in the competition which was not held yet and there were 15 days left for our preparation.  After this conversation, we started our preparations.  For next 15 days we worked day in and day out for this competition.  We did overtime a lot spending hours after normal working hours for preparing for the competition.  We rehearsed giving presentation 2-3 times and were fully confident about our good performance but we were unaware about law of attraction’s activity of making our those words real.

The Law of attraction, in order to make our words real and to give us defeat in the competition what we declared 15 days before through our words [which were given out in the Universe on a high frequency] did all the possible things to manifest our losing.

On the day of competition, we wanted to perform on day 1.  On day 1, the team leaders were supposed to select a chit on which the date of presentation was written.  I selected a chit and it was the next day.  We were supposed to present our topic the next day.  This was first thing which happened against our will as we wished to present on day 1.

On day one we listened to other participants and really all were very good.  On day 2, we were prepared to present but we did not know when we will be participating…pre lunch or post lunch.  As the competition started on day two, other teams were called one by one for presentation and post lunch we came to know that we will be the last one to present. One that day, there were two other teams who presented on the same topic which we were going to present and the audience was so bored listening to that topic and were exhausted hearing presentations the whole day that by the time our turn came, no one from the audience including the juries were interested in our presentation.  It was visible from their faces, that they were not interested in listening, still we gave our best in the presentation with all enthu.

After some 15-20 minutes 3 teams were shortlisted for finals.  We were not selected for final round.  We did our best, we had prepared very well and rather I would say we were best among the teams who presented the same topic as ours, that day.  We were quite disappointed as we thought we would go to finals.  More than us, our other teams were more disappointed because they were not selected and as our presentation was last, they were expecting us to get shortlisted for finals but we also did not make it. We were happy that we did our best though we did not get selected for finals.  Our mentors and company management encouraged us that next time we will do more good.

Every day I would think what made us lose the competition?, why we did not make it to finals?  why?  we did our best in preparation, we did our best but everything one by one happened against what we wished.  I was just wondering how this happened.  This happened because of our high frequency thoughts and our words about our losing the competition, the law of universe made all possible ways to make the thoughts, a reality and it happened.

when I realized this, I learned that how words are powerful.  I had only heard about this but I learned this from my experience and understood that next time I should be careful about my thoughts and words.   One powerful word can put all your efforts down, this was an excellent example:-)  I am right now smiling writing this because I learned a good thing from this experience and also I am happy we did our best.



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