Gems of my life

Gems of my life….my priceless gift…are…MY DEAREST FRIENDS

“Friendship doesn’t need daily conversations, doesn’t need always togetherness, as long as relationship is kept in heart, true friends never go apart”


These words have always touched me.

When I think of a word ‘Friend’ or ‘Friendship’, a big smile comes to my face.  I do not have large friend circle, but I have some of the best buddies in life who have always been there for me in all my ups and downs.  Friends are precious because we choose them to be part of our life. 

I always wonder, how two srangers become known to each other and so close that they even do not know when and how they became friends.  In case of all my friends, I do not know when we became so awesome friends, I mean I really do not remember when me and my all friends got this wonderful relation known as friendship. 

Since my childhood till now, there were many people who came as friends and went away but some of them are still with me, and I am there part of life as a true friend.  Friendship is such a wonderful relation where there are no complains, no grudges, no much expectations, no thank yous and no sorries…..we can behave stupid..we can go crazzzzy…we can be wise…..we can fight for silly things…..we can laugh limitilessly….its so wonderful….you all would also agree how amazing friendship is…

Many a times people ask me “Who is your best friend?”

and I would think and think and think…..I do not have answer for this…to those people, I only say..all are my best friends.  All of them have something special and unique for which they are my friends…  All are support system of my life.  

I always thank god for giving me so beautiful persons as friends… I am really blessed… The most imortant virtue or say quality I like the most in my friends is they are honest to me…in the sense that they love me as I am.  If I am wrong at some thing, they are straight forward enough to say that to me and guide me at right path…and when I am correct…they are with me…not matter what world would think about me….and I hope I have been a good friend to all my friends…

I want to express my deep gratitude and love to god for gifting me such wonderful friends and my heartful thanks to all my precious gems who have always been there for me in my ups and downs and my right and wrong decisions…guiding me.. appreciating me…encouraging me…loving me and caring for me…THANK YOU SO MUCH…..THANKS A TON TO ALL MY DEAREST FRIENDS….for me…every day is a friendship day and I do not need a special day to thank you all and appreciate our long lasting friendships.  I know…no thank you and no sorry in friendship…but I know only two words to express my heartfelt feelings and gratitude to all my buddies…..and thats “thank you”…and if you all don’t like my thank you then please please do scold me…fire me…you are free to react….hahahahahahahahahah…

LOVE YOU ALL:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



2 thoughts on “Gems of my life

  1. Well I don’t mind being thanked….. 🙂 and I want to thank you also for being a wonderful part of my life…… thank you for all the support and encouragement. And one more thing… your blog is getting better with each article.:))


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