Vision Board – A tool to manifest your dreams

“Vision Board”  the name itself says something about visuals.    Vision board is one of the tools used to train your sub-conscious mind to accept the thing as a reality before it actually becomes a reality. 

We all know that our mind has two portions “Conscious” and “Sub-conscious”. 

“Conscious” mind acts as per the instructions given by “sub-conscious” mind.  “Sub-conscious” mind is main driving force.  “Sub-conscious” mind does not know whether the instruction which we give is positive or negative.  When the instructions given to the “sub-conscious” repeatedly, the sub-conscious mind tends to believe it as reality and then that manifests as a reality in the physical world.

For most of the people like me, visuals always impact me most.  From past experience, I have known that I manifest things, circumstances, etc. quickly if I see them continuously and with deep focus from heart.  You can say wishfully.  This includes, my intentional and unintentional looking at things.  Mostly, unintentional. 

Now we come back to Vision Board.  Vision board is a board [say a piece of paper or card board or mobile wall paper or PC wall paper or any place anywhere where you place the pictures, affirmations and qoutes about the things you wish to have in your life [material and non-material both]  like if a person wants a life partner, then pictures of happily married couples, if some one wants a house then picture of a house you wish or picture of your fav mobile or a tablet which you wish to have, etc.

When we see these pictures repeatedly say three four times a day or may be once a day with all good feelings then our sub-conscious mind starts believing that the thing we see is the reality and then it makes it a reality in our life.  Eg.  two years back, I was not having a smart phone.  I wanted to buy a smart phone but was not sure when I will buy.  While going to office and other places and wherever I saw a picture of mobile phones, I felt so happy and after around one month or so, I unexpectedly rather say shockingly got a surprise gift of smart phone.  Another example, two years back I happened to see a photograph of “Bund” ie. “Hyuang Pu” river at Bund in Shanghai [night scene].  It was so beautiful.  I put it as my desktop wallpaper at office PC.  I did not do it purposely to manifest anything.  But I did it because I liked the pic very much.  Daily I used to see the picture of “Hyuang Pu” river [night view with full of colorful lights] it was so amazing.  

Giving here the picture which I put as my desktop wallpaper.

Shanghai China


After one year, one day I got the information the from our office, we were supposed to attend a workshop at Shanghai:-))))

It was a pleasant surprise and becasue it was my first visit to abroad, I was really excited.  I went to Shanghai with my team to attend the workshop and we visit various places near by our hotel and office.  One of the place was “Hyuang Pu” river at “Bund”.  We went there at night and I was at that place in reality which I saw on my desktop wallpaper.  It was an amazing experience. 

My real experience at Hyuang Pu  [I am in the middle…other two are my colleagues] 


My frequent looking at the picture on my desktop wallpaper made my sub-conscious mind to believe “Hyuang Pu” a reality for me and I was sent to that place as my wonderful life experience.  Both these experiences are of how visuals create our reality unintentionally.  The same applies to intentionally also. 

I have not yet seriously tried vision board intentionally as I have tried and experienced intentional visualizations.  But I believe in the power of thoughts, vision board is one part of that:-))))

You all may have experienced such things as I [as mentioned above].  I would be happy to hear from you all about your amazing life experiences.  Do share if you really feel it proper.

Uptill next post….bye..:-)))) 



2 thoughts on “Vision Board – A tool to manifest your dreams

    1. Hi Devang,

      Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes…its true…one should have a vision in life…visions, dreams, goals are the one that drives our life, gives us direction…gives meaning to our life.


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