That one smile…:-))))

15 days back I was on my official tour out of town.  I was staying in a famous hotel, it was 6 days stay.

Important is not my stay at hotel, but the one incidence which gave me so precious moment in life.  On one evening when I went to the restaurant in the hotel on the ground floor [as daily routine], I mentioned my room no. to the guy noting down the nos. as it was a complimentary buffet as per stay package.  I had complimentary breakfast and buffet dinner during my stay.

I went in and booked my table.  The went to take the plate.  I took the plate and was looking at the delicious food put in line at the buffet table.  As I was glancing at the food items, my eyes stuck at something above the food item.  I gave close look, it was a beautiful peacock..:-) was a peacock made of watermelon:-)))).  It was so beautiful, I saw such a wonderful creativity for the first time.   Earlier I had seen various creativity on veg and fruit salads table.  But this was something really amazing.  Each lines, designs and strokes were clearly visible and I thought what an effort.  It was worth appreciation.  Giving here below the snap of that beautiful creativity.


I asked one of the person working there whether I can take the photograph of this wonderful creation, he agreed happily and I took this pic.  Then I proceeded for dinner. I took my food and settled at my table.  While eating, one thought came to my mind.  I thought “I should meet the chef who created this and appreciate him”.  I called the same guy whom I asked about taking pic, I asked him who created this?  and before I tell him that I want to meet the chef, he asked me “Mam, do you want to meet that chef?”  I happily said yes.  He went to call the chef.  After about 5 minutes, an elderly person [around 45 years of age] came to me.  He was the chef who created this.  I congratulated him for this beautiful creations and appreciated his efforts.  I shaked hand and I informed him that I have taken the pic and I am going to show that to all my family and friends.  He smiled and thanked me.  That one smile was some thing which gave me such a wonderful feeling.  I did not know that appreciating others gives so much joy and good feeling.  He excitingly told me that he has created one more such piece which was put at other end of the buffet table, which I did not see.  I saw it after he told me.  It was a very beautiful flower made on watermelon.  Below is the pic.


Look at the pics, you all will agree the efforts that person had put in, he had put in his heart in this creation.  I was so happy that I made some one smile and that smile made me smile.:-))))  I told him keep it up and I would like to see some more creativity if I happen to come next time.

The next evening, at dinner,  I saw his another amazing creativity:-)))) a demon…Oooops!!!! Check out the pic below.


Really, an awesome experience:-)))))


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