Creative Visualizations….they are just amazing:-))))

Hi Friends:-)))

Today I will share with you all about my creative manifestations.  That are the things and circumstances which I manifested in reality through creative visualizations.  I had already shared with you all how creative visualizations are done and how we create our life through power of gratitude and visualization.  What all I have manifested in real physical world, first I created in my mind through creative thoughts and visualized clearly and felt as if it is real and then let go.  Universe manifested my creative visuals in reality in very surprising ways.  Power of gratitude and creative visualization is amazing:-)))).  All what I manifested were intentional visualizations.  Unintentional visualizations also manifest, but what I am here sharing were intentional visualizations.

Here we go:-))))

1.  Healed severe slip disc issue of our family friend in a short span of 1 month, for which doctor had informed 4 months at least.  The way I visualized our family friend coming to our house with full recovery, exactly that happened and I was shocked:-))))) Yes, he got up from wheel chair and came to our house in 1 month, where he was told at least 4 months total bed rest.  Amazing:-))))

2.  My mom recovered from sever illness and the temperature that was not reducing from level of 101 or 102 degrees for 1 week, came down to 100 in 1 night and the next day reports came normal and dad informed me on call from the pathological lab where tests were done in the way as I had visualized previous night.  I had visualized dad telling me the next morning that mom did not had fever at night, and it happened exactly the same.  Wow:-)))  My dearest mom recovered.  She is now amazingly healthy.  God is great.:-)))

3.  I manifested a brand new landline telephone set on my office desk with caller ID which was not there earlier and I was informed that executive level employees do not get caller id phones and only manager level employees get.  So for fun one day I just thought of trying the creative visualization for manifesting a brand new caller id phone on my office desk.  I visualized the phone was already there on my desk.  After about two months, my boss shifted to the other office of our group company in some other city and before going he gave me his landline phone for use [with caller id], it was not new as I visualized but I was happy that I received the phone and thanked Universe for this.  After some 15 days, the phone was not working well and the company gave me new landline phone on my desk exactly as I visualized.  So within 1.5 months I received the phone which people told that executive level employees do not get.  I have not told anyone about my visualization;-)  All said I am lucky to have this phone…yes I am lucky…hahaha…

4.  I manifested, returning of soft toy of teddy bear of my nephew.  My nephew is having a softy cuty teddy and one day a small girl at our neighbor took the teddy with her at her house.  I am by the way very big hearted when it comes to give, but the teddy was some thing for which I was possessive and I thought it is only for my nephew.  When she took the teddy at home, I was quite upset but then I remembered not to give any bad feeling for her or her act of taking teddy, after all she is also small kid.  So I thought of getting teddy back through visualization.  At that very moment, I visualized the teddy at our home sitting on the swing on which my nephew usually put it and thanked god for returning the teddy, I smiled and then forgot about it and got busy in my day to day work.  This happened in evening and next morning I went to my work as usual.  When I returned home from office, I entered the gate in my compound and what I saw:-))) the teddy was sitting on my dad’s two wheeler vehicle’s sit facing me:-))) Our neighbor had put it to return it to my nephew and no one saw it from my home.  So it was lying on the vehicle:-))) I was amazingly happy and again thanked god for returning it surprisingly.

5.  Last year, I participated in a dance performance in my company, it was group dance.  I really love dance and I was happy that I was participating in dance performance and more joyful thing was the dance was being choreographed by a professional choreographer which I always wished.  We were going to perform on a parady of three hindi dance songs.  All three were beautiful songs but the last one was amazing.  But since it was a parady, the first 3-4 lines were selected.  The third song was amazing and I wanted that in case of third song at least one full stanza should be selected.  I love that song so much, its Dhol Baaje from movie Ram Leela.  I used to practice at home also and used to listen full song and visualize my self on stage with group performing.  I was feeling so happy.  The next day we got to know that last whole stanza was selected by the choreographer for performance and we were like so happy:-)))).  But again interesting thing happened.  Ultimate dance step was at the end, for around 30 seconds we had to move round and round:-))).  We were total 5 girls performing and out of 5 only 1 girl was able to do the step properly and we all four were quite worried because we were not able to move round continuously for that much time and we requested sir to change the step as we will not be able to perform and if we do we will fall down feeling giddiness.  Our choreographer was firm and told us to practice a lot on the step.  So when I went home, I tried a lot but could not, I was quite worried but then thought of visualization and from that evening till the performance [ie. about 7 days] I would visualize my self doing the step perfectly without any much efforts.  After two days, at practice I first time did the step perfectly but was feeling giddy but I kept believing that I will do that and on the day of perform I did it perfectly and all appreciated all of us and many of our employees complimented me in person:-)))

6.  I manifested an important official email through visualization.

7.  Manifested an official meeting which was very fruitful as I visualized.  I must say it was good beyond my expectations:-)))

8.  Manifested a gift of dress on my birthday, which was again I did for time pass..hehe..but I got it in reality.

9.  I manifested through creative visualization, a healing in relationship with relatives:-)))…now relations are amazing.

10.  Manifested a gold chain for a family member at the cost of 25000 within 1 week which was very much unexpected because week before the prices were 29000 but surprisingly prices went down and we bought the gold chain.  I had visualized the gold chain in my hands, felt its beauty and also visualized me and my mom dad at the jewellery shop holding the chain and paying the bill of around 25000 INR.  It happened in reality unexpectedly within 1 week.  Really amazing:-)))

11.  Manifested 4 red colored cars straight in a row driven on the road back to back.  One day when I was returning home from work, while driving my two wheeler vehicle, I just thought, how wonderful it would be to see red colored cars 3 in a row back to back on road.  After about 20 days, when I was out of town for some work , I got to see 3 cars of red color of different brands driven back to back in a row ahead of our car and the 4th one joined the row after around 10 minutes.  I had visualized 3 and got to see 4… really wonderful..for few minutes I was shocked and my mouth was open;-)

12.  Manifested a black color car of Volkswagen brand which I never saw in past few years on road.  I visualized it on a road.  Two days back I was driving home, one auto was driving ahead of me.  After few seconds, the auto moved a bit right and I saw a brand name Volkswagen at the back of a black car then when the auto moved completely I saw that the black car was the same which I visualized and wished to see.  I was overjoyed with tears because I thought how fast and how accurately universe responds.

There are many other things and circumstances which I manifested intentionally through creative visualization.  Yes I am the creator of my life and so are you.  Try it guys.  Law of attractions works:-))))

In my next post, I will share about some other tool for creating the life we wish.

See you soon…..LIVE YOUR DREAMS…Create the life you wish:-)))))


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