Magic of a Smile:-))) [Part 3… a perfect closing]

Any guesses???


Ok…here goes what I saw opposite to me and which surprised me and gave me again proof of power of thought and universal law of attraction:-)))

I saw a Sardarji with military uniform…Yesssss!!!…he was at the security check process as a staff member at Airport. Before I thought about Sardarji in uniform, I did not see any Sardarji at security check process which was going on opposite to where I was seated and suddenly I saw him after I thought of it. Wow!!!

After some 25 mins. an elderly lady came to my place, the chair on which I was seated was actually hers. She was mother of the lady sitting besides me who gave me her seat till her return. I was about to get up to offer her seat, the lady besides me got up and gave her mother the seat. I got up and offered the seat but the lady said that no need to get up, you can sit. She was sitting there from quite along time so she said that she and her other family member would stand and let us seat. It was so kind of her that she gave me seat. Thereafter, she did not turn up get the seat again and their flight was announced after some 45 minutes. All flights were late on that day. They left for their flight and now there were quite a good number of seats vacant around me. I was relaxed and listening to music from my phone. It was around 7:30 pm and was feeling hungry. I took out some snacks and was enjoying them. In next 10 mins I finished my snacks and was just giving a glance to people around me. I love kids and there were many kids around me at airport.  I was just smiling looking at them. As I was smiling, a baby girl who was at quite a distance from my place, was running here and there and her mother was also running behind her to take care of her. Suddenly she ran and came to my place, it was a pleasant surprise because I did not smile at her and she was not knowing that I was looking at kids. She ran towards me and her mother came after her and held her hand and took her to their place. While holding her hand and going to their place, the baby was looking at me and her mother as well with a smile on their face which made me immensely happy. That was really a perfect moment:-)

The time was now around 8:00 pm and I thought of calling mom dad to talk to them. I had not taken dinner with me, so mom told me to have dinner at airport’s eating joints on time. I said yes. After the call was over, I was just looking at the eat joint on the left of my seat but I was not much hungry as I had enough snacks an hour back so I thought to have dinner after some 30 minutes and just relaxed.    Universe is great…J The moment I thought about having dinner after 30 minutes, there was an announcement for the passengers from my flight. The announcement was for packed dinner:-). The airways announced that for passengers from the flight in which I was supposed to travel had to collect dinner packet from gate 20 after showing the boarding pass. My first reaction on hearing this was…”Am I listening correctly?” Yes…Universe arranged dinner free of cost…Wow!!! Amazing!!! I went to the gate 20 and got my dinner packet and sat at the new seat near the gate 18 where my flight boarding was scheduled. I opened the packet, and yummy:-) it was Pulao [Spicy veg rice] and pickel. I just loved it. I had my dinner and informed mom dad that I had dinner in time from airways and that they should not wait and have their dinner on time, after all parents always eat after their children had the food. Love you mom dad:-)

After my dinner, I got buzy surfing internet and listening songs. Gate no 18, 19 and 20 were in front of me. My flight boarding was scheduled at around 09:35 pm at gate 18. It was around 09:20 pm, all the passengers started preparing queue at gate 18 though boarding display was not put on the computer screen at gate 18. I was waiting for the display and as the gate was very near, thought to stand up after some time though there was queue.   At around 09:30 pm I stood up from my seat and picked up my bag. There was long queue at gate 18. As I picked up my luggage, the boarding notice got displayed on the screen:-)….on gate 19 and not 18…Hurrrrrrayyyyy!!!!. There was only two persons standing on gate 19 and long queue at gate 18. hehe…without wasting any time I stood behind those two passengers at gate 19. I was third to board…yahooo!!!!:-)   I showed my boarding pass to the person at the boarding counter, he checked my number and told me something amazing:-)…..tick..tick..guess what!! he informed me that the seat numbers for all the passengers have changed and that they have given me seat 18A it’s a window seat..I was Ooops 🙂   very very happy. It was a pleasant surprise. I usually select aisle seat but that night god wanted me to sit near window. I boarded the flight. In the flight, the seat besides me was vacant in whole journey. Whenever, the seat is vacant I assume that god is sitting there, so I was much more happy because god was sitting in the vacant seat beside me. The flight took off and it was amazing journey with lots of wonderful moments. Dinner was offered in the flight but I did not had because I had it on airport which was also given by airways. I was just relaxing closing eyes. After few minutes, I saw a flash [some visuals in front of my closed eyes]. I saw my mom’s face in the flash, and I opened my eyes. It was a surprise, I was so happy. Then again I closed my eyes, this time intentionally thinking of some person, who’s face I wanted to see, it was just a try and wish too, yes I saw that person’s face too before my closed eyes but was a sort of a surprise because the way in which I saw the face unexpected.….I was too happy. By the time I was buzy smiling and relaxing, the flight reached my home town and landing was announced. As the plane was landing, I saw a really wonderful amazing scene out of the window:-) which I never saw before. It was dark outside and the time was around 10:50 pm. In the darkness, I saw the street lights on the road. All the lights were in perfect design and sequence. It was like millions of golden stars had made a perfect design. Only golden stars. I was speechless. For the first time I realised that my city looks so amazing in night as well and I realised why god changed my seat from aisle to window, only to show me this amazing beauty. Only Universe can think of such an amazing moment. It was really really speechless and I am extremely grateful to god for showing me such an amazing dreamy vision. Yes I can only dream of such scene and I saw it actually and that too in my city. Thanks a ton to Universe.:-)

I landed safely and collected my luggage. Dad had come to pick me up and we started for home. Within 15 mins we reached home and when I pressed the door bell, my baby nephew opened the door with full excitementJ   He was waiting for me to come home and play with him. My sis and all had slept but he was awake with my mom waiting for me. He was just talking and talking….he is sooo cutteee. This was again a wonderful moment for me.:-) As I was unpacking my luggage, one bill got in my hand. It was the bill from cross word for the books I had bought at Bengaluru Airport. I did not see the bill at airport, so I just gave look at the list of books and prices and again….Wow!!!!… the book “Bhagwat Gita for Children” was at 100% discount.   I was again Aww!!!!… I got the book of INR 399 totally free. Free of cost..guys..can you imagine?… I was sooooooo happy. Universe gave me one book totally free and that too was a god’s book for children. Oh God..really a perfect close of the day. I was so happy… I really enjoyed my whole day with millions of joyful moments, which I never imagined. I was travelling alone for the first time but I was not alone for a single moment. Universe was there 24X7 with me, communicating with me and giving me small small joyful moments which I really adored and that happened only because of a wonderful smile and gratitude at the start of the day. That’s the magic of a smile….really hatsoff to the Universe…my loving god.:-))))))   Thank you Thank you Thank you GodJ)))))



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